Shannon, able to stare down bears.

Shannon, able to stare down bears.

Shannon Conway

Shannon Conway is a certified, sought after coach who teaches people how to tune into their own super powers to heal and charge their lives up.

Through her classes, coaching, tools and blog she is here to help you realize that you already have the wisdom of your own healing and transformation, you simply need help clearing the dust so you can see and feel it.  Her nourishing, pleasurable approach has helped numerous small businesses and individuals focus, get clarity and move ahead with self directed purpose.  

Her fans and clients love a dose of Shannon to ground and get a good belly laugh; her irreverent humor breaks up the yogic wisdom.  She keeps it real, and as one client stated, "Shannon is absolutely brilliant at the art of listening intently, hearing me fully and taking it all a step further by hearing what I haven't said."  

When she is not coaching and teaching she can be found geeking out about yoga, cracking herself up texting meme pictures, trying to learn the ukulele and testing every possible method of making grain free chocolate chip cookies.  Transform yourself into super you and bring clear happy clarity back to your business with Shannon's brand of cultivated nourishment.  


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