We Are Love Stories

The other day I saw a post by my friend Andrea about the death of her friend, John Perry Barlow. Andrea and Rancher/Grateful Dead lyricist/ Electronic Frontier Foundation founder John Perry Barlow created a friendship years ago when young gorgeous Andrea was living in Jackson Hole. I thought I knew all of Andrea’s strange stories. We’d traded the good ones…like the one where she has two pet cows that she rode around on for a few years. Or darker ones, like the loss of her twin sister. But I didn’t know about this unusual friendship. So I said so, and told her I had a story to share with her. We got together Sunday to swap the stories, and to infuse each other with happiness, which we both needed. And that led to a miracle. 

We talked with purpose about happiness, about the importance of practicing it. It percolates, but only if you cultivate it, we agreed. She told me about John Perry Barlow; how he’d shown up at a party at her house with her friend Ted, then they discovered a unique kinship. What a soul he had, what capacity. How did he die, I asked? From a series of illnesses after a heart attack, she said. She offered that his lifestyle likely had contributed. 

Andrea told me of a few losses that John Perry had suffered. He was good friends with JFK, Jr and his wife Carolyn. He found out well into his life that he too had been a twin, and that his twin had been born stillborn. He’d fallen in love with a young brilliant psychiatrist who passed away unexpectedly. He’d also had a life full of love, thousands of friendships and many adventures; it was interesting to even think about him. Like, how could someone be comprised of such disparate parts? I think a broken heart contributed to his death, I said to Andrea. She agreed...yes. Broken heart made sense. 

He honored ALL of what called him and therefore was all of what he was. No shrinking, no categorization, no this but not that. All of it. Poet, lyricist, rancher, internet pioneer. 

Over the past year, I’ve been drawn to the use of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for a broken heart. Intuitively I’ve understood that acupuncture helps a broken heart, but why? Recently I talked about this with my own acupuncturist geek, Eric Mallory. Eric is an acupuncturist, a medical doctor, and a naturopath. His primary evaluation method is pulse diagnostics; he mentored under a master pulse diagnostician for many years. When he takes your pulses it lasts so long and goes so deep that you kind of think he’s reading your mind. And maybe he is. 

The 4th chakra is the fulcrum, says Eric. It’s the landing place for the energy of the first three dense chakra energies. We store so much in the big 3. When you pull that energy up and through the 4th it switches gears and you expand into and through the 5th, 6th and 7th…into your heart, voice, guidance and universal expansion. If the heart is blocked, it’s difficult to get the energy to move. Dis-ease is the result. 

Andrea and I drifted into a more scientific and personal talk about exactly HOW to create more happiness in our own lives. Explored a few options we were each considering. I’m finally taking ukulele lessons. I know 4 chords and can play half a song. I’m booking gigs this summer; message me if you have a wedding coming up or whatever. Andrea is refining who gets her time when she’s depleted. Separately we’d each been playing with structured dinner party ideas, and we played around with those for a while. We both felt percolated. 

Still remembering her newly departed friend, Andrea later sent me the link to his appearance on This American Life. “You’re in for a treat,” she said. The story was titled “When Worlds Collide”. At a computer convention where he was slated to roast Steve Jobs, John Perry saw a woman in the central hallway. He thought she was with his group. She thought he was with hers—a convention of psychiatrists. They stared at one another for 45 long seconds. “Wow. You’re something,” he said. “So are you,” she said.

“I didn’t believe in love at first sight,” John Perry told a giggling Ira Glass in the story. "Then it happened to me. I met the other half of my soul." They moved in together a week later. They are glowing in this picture from their first date. 

I didn’t know, when Andrea sent me link, what the TAL story was about. It was on an episode about conventions. The arc of the story was so unexpected that my breath caught in my throat as I listened while folding laundry. I could feel all the emotions bubbling up in me, those old new familiar feelings of being alive, available to experiences, inspired, effervescent, vulnerable. I already knew how it ended, and that didn’t dim the light of it one bit. I stared at the speaker drinking in every wonderful word. Wow, I thought. 


We are here to live our hearts’ desires. We are here to remember and remember to do the work to balance and rebalance ourselves so that we are alive and available to what can be born in us at any given moment. At any moment we give ourselves

Living so fully alive calls for bravery, but the bravery is not what we think. It is not about opening up to another person and asking them to be the rest of us, or understand our wounds. It is about doing the strength training to pull that energy up through the lower 3 chakras through that fulcrum so that we can be alive, balanced, whole and connected with the field of stars that is our Source and contains our true purpose. We are enough. We heal ourselves. 

Early this morning I listened to a meditation titled “I would like to give you permission.” 

"I would like to give you permission to come out from hiding, to be here, taking care of your own self, your own heart,” says the teacher.

Let this Valentines week be a time of reunion with the you that you sometimes forget you are. "The tender heart inside of you. The you that came into the world completely unembarrassed, ferociously wild and unencumbered, sensitive as skin, wise and wide-eyed. The YOU you comfortingly return home to when everyone has left." Be fiercely aware of this you this week. You are allowed to be loyal to this you. You find freedom in being this you. Being in this intrinsic freedom you remain your wholeness. 

We are all love stories. We are all love, and stories. Love the one you’re with. 

On How I'm Not Judgmental. Which Reveals That I Very Much Am.

One of my intentions for 2018 is to read a book a week. I’ve got four under my belt and three in progress. I know you busy moms are like, how on EARTH? 
Yeah, being an empty nester has a few tiny perks.  Also, I use multiple methods—Audible, Kindle, actual. But it’s true what they say…days go slow and years go fast. Books do not outweigh the gaping hole I sometimes feel with no one complaining about what I made for dinner.
Books come to me to be read in all different ways and I am learning to trust that I don’t need to go find the books…they’ll find me. So it was with 'Judgment Detox', Gabrielle Bernstein’s newest book. When she was marketing it I pre-ordered it because the pre-order came with a free virtual event, but I didn’t think I needed to read a book on judgment. Because, you know, I’m not judgmental. I hope you are not drinking coffee as you read that line, as you’ll probably snort at your screen. 
That’s right…I just wrote that sentence. I did not see myself as judgmental when I was ordering that book. Ironically, I was right in the middle of a very judge-y experience at that time. Can you say blind spot? 
In November I had an issue with one of my daughters. I judged her. Once I put that comfy suit of judgment on, I stepped right into its accompanying emotions—righteousness and fixing energy. Control, basically. Then I felt stuck. Like I’d walked straight into a corner. I could see the pattern, but I was already in too deep. Plus, I was right…right? 
I hurt her feelings. It did not matter if I was ‘right’. (I wasn’t.) Because I stepped right on her tender evolving self. I endured a heartbreaking week of silence, then we got on the phone. She unleashed a torrent of anger. It was clear that she had misinterpreted something I’d said. Words that I’d intended to offer as elucidating were taken as dismissive. She was so far down the rabbit hole of what she thought I’d meant that there was no opportunity for me to own what I actually had meant, which in and of itself was judgmental. What I’d ‘meant’ did not matter. I had to eat crow. And while I was doing so on the phone I was engaged in silent judgment. If she could only get out of her ego for a few minutes and consider listening to me, she’d be able to hear that I’d meant something totally different than what she heard.

I felt horrible. 
My girls are brutal with me when I screw up. There is no sugar coating, and it is not an even playing field. I have to do better than they do; it’s simply expected. Lowering myself to the level of judgment and being caught at it was depleting, and a wake-up call. I was reminded of a part of my relationship with my own mother that I really did not like. 
I looked right at how I felt justified in my judgment. I thought about situations where I felt judged. Where I feel judged now. Yogi Bhajan says, ‘Recognize the other is you.’ Judgment removes me from feeling connected and puts me right into someone else’s lane of traffic, without their navigation system.

 As I read Gabrielle’s book, I felt humbled by her submission to her own self-designed process. An author and spiritual teacher, she holds herself accountable to the lessons she shares: “While this is often uncomfortable because it feels like I’m always working on myself, it’s also deeply rewarding.” She surrenders her judgment and lives the steps of her process and has found great lightness and joy through living her work. 

Life is always presenting lessons to us in gentle and sophisticated ways. Life has a wicked sense of humor. I bought the book for the workshop. Then I learned why I really bought the book. 

I created something, and I call that thing Coach Training. And it is that, absolutely. If you want to learn and certify yourself as a coach, my course is comprehensive, practical and nourishing. It's compact and foundational if you want to start a coaching practice. 

Yet it's much more. It's a deep dive into awareness and learning the tools to release what does not serve. It's a challenging, magical, and creative path into your best self. Are you wanting to lean into a more full-hearted life? To uncover what's possible for you? 

I am enrolling now for a February start. If you resonate with wanting a deeper why, wanting to clear the clutter, wanting to grow so much stronger--let's talk.  This is the thing I am called to offer, to you and everyone who wants to lean into it. It's transformational. And it's time for some big transformation. 

I'm Feeling Reconnected With The World Now

"I saw your post. It was so beautifully time. 
I have been putting these practices into place ever since we started. 
It’s what is getting me through. It is a reminder that when I open myself up and receive it is pouring in from everywhere that I look. "

"I need to stay in this zone."


THIS is how people talk about it. It changes lives.

"I’m feeling reconnected with the world now. Like I know what I can do to be happy. "

"Thank you. I don’t even need my therapist. My chest used to hurt all the time, and now it does not." 
Even typing this swells my heart. The world wants YOU, unlocked, happy and free. Living full out.

The work is MAGIC.

I work with people in two ways--

ONE to ONE. We go deep in a safe space to uncover your blocks, discharge, and release them. Nourishing, energizing and super fun. You'll love my homework.

GROUP TRAIING/MENTORING--Become a coach! Or simply deepen your own personal practices. Next group starts February 5th. Only a few spaces left--the group that is forming is amazing, brilliant, gifted. Need a tribe? C'mon in.

If you feel the call, you already know. It does not scream. It whispers, repeatedly. It wants your attention, and you want to expand. 2018 is a year of big expansion. Let's do this! PM me for details on either offer. 

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I talk about more than coaching, and I share recipes. This week I made this delicious stew for a family going through a hard time. I used to hate quinoa, but it's growing on me! 
A post that got a lot of traction this week talked about mental illness--a conversation that needs to stay open. Has it affected your family? 

  • Self-discipline.
  • Self Care.
  • Self Nourishment....these are my pillars.

Let's focus on that last one for the weekend.
A round of self-nourishment for all.  XO

Are There Many Stories, Or Is There One Story?

Are there many stories, or is there one story?

There is one story. And it is the story of transformation. It is always that story. A challenge is presented. It seems insurmountable. Our ego hates it and wrestles against it. There is NO WAY we can solve this issue/crisis and we rigidly stare at the wall. Circumstances worsen and we HAVE to act in some way. Some tiny right action breaks up the egoic vise. Light gets in. At a glacial pace we allow the light while still holding onto our ego/view as if our life depended on it. The cracks increase and light slowly dissolves the ego stuckness and we feel transformed into new thinking.

Looking back we can’t even believe we thought THAT was a challenge.


Moms—walk yourselves back to having that first baby.  I had a terror-filled moment at about 8 months along with Mads where I actually contemplated if there were other ways out of the situation than the natural one. Embarrassing to admit now, but so true. And my labor with her was interminable...I think it was 36 hrs! Lily? 6 hrs!

WE LEARN EXPERIENTIALLY, and when we grasp that this applies to life’s biggest lessons, lessons become easier to learn.

Some of my stories:

Student (I picked this one up in 3rd grade—stuck with me for decades): I’m not smart enough to play on the same field as everyone else. I need to hide my lack of intelligence/skills so no one figures out how incapable I am.

Partnership: I’m too nice of a person for a husband/partner to mistreat. I’m amazing and I deserve to be loved and supported. My partner should listen to me and get his shit together.

Partnership: I am a horrible person and deserve the shitty treatment I’m enduring; it is reflective of me not deserving wholehearted love.

Teen parenting: I’m a wonderful loving mother providing everything a child could need or want. My children shouldn’t get into trouble or reject my guidance. My children shouldn’t embarrass me.

Business failure: I am a diligent hard-working entrepreneur and have all the answers to my company’s challenges. My solutions should fix the problems. I deserve for this to work.

We are taught to listen to the whispers of the Universe, but who cares about those whispers when you are underwater and underneath an anvil of your own emotions?

If you are in pain, your pain is real and it is horrible and it is big and it is important. How can it be an illusion? All these noisy messages about being positive and being bigger and amazing—they look good on Instagram, but your pain is REAL and your story is different.

And when the pain hits, you’re not expansive, creative and wavelike…you’re dense, stupid, drained, and wrong.

If I picked up MY stories and gave them to you today, you would handle many of them with ease. Because they are not yours. You did not inherit the cellular trauma that informs the stories that I carry—my thinking that I’m a fraud, not smart enough, a failure as a parent or partner. Your stories are different. A book I am reading right now describes consciousness as a football field and our soul as the player. Consciousness is aware of all possible actions and outcomes on the field, but as the player, we can only see a little bit of the field. Whoa! I love that. So how do we get out of that player mentality and connect more with consciousness?

You already know. It’s meditation. You’re just resisting it, as we all do, because your mind and ego are so endlessly fascinating and they feel important. Plus emotions can’t be dissolved by meditation, or at least YOURS can’t. 
Listen up, and then listen IN.

YES Your stories are deeply, deeply important. They are resonant and they matter.
I suffered enormously in many of the stories in the list above. However, had I not vanquished their heavy energy I would not today be able to see my temporary illusions…my (then) view of the field.

YOU HAVE TO WORK THROUGH YOUR STORIES. And when you do, you uncover the light of Consciousness—the football field of possibility. It takes tools to get free of emotional awful, but the alternative is to stay in tiny lives or tiny parts of our lives. As Marianne Williamson said, “Your playing small does not serve the world.” Do the work.


MEDITATION:Are you meditating daily? Recent studies show that just 9 minutes a day creates lasting change in your brain. Personally I need 20 to get to the sweet spot. Start with 5! If you haven’t already, join my free group on Insight Timer where I offer guidance in setting up and maintaining a practice and review meditation teachers/series.

JOURNAL: A tough practice to start, this one loves you back the more you give to it. I’ve got a handout on starter practices—message me if you want it.

ACUPUNCTURE: My favorite way to break up tough energy holds. Find a practitioner you trust and truly surrender to the experience. In times of crisis, I prescribe 1x/weekly. Personally I go twice a month.

EFT: Personalized acupressure to dissolve tough blocks. It really works! It’s been around for a while and it’s getting new press with its inclusion in Gabrielle Bernstein’s newest book, Judgment Detox. Margaret Lynch and Gabrielle Bernstein both have starter videos online/YouTube.

SWEAT: I have dragged myself into yoga furious, depleted, distressed, ruined, anxious, tearful, ashamed and hungover. Even if I hate 89 of the 90 minutes I never regret it. Break a sweat.

SLEEP + EAT: Resting and recharging your energy system. Every challenge is easier to tackle after a good night’s rest.

LAUGH: Do you have a humor posse? If not, create one! Laughter heals, it’s been proven in scientific studies. Plus it’s impossible to stay mad if you are laughing.

There are many stories in one story. Release the story.

The world needs lightworkers, and so do our families and tribes. Learn the tools to transform in my group mentoring class. 

Is it coach training? Absolutely...but it's so much more. You learn not just to sit with clients and wait for the solution to arise, you learn how to creatively kick ass--your own, and those of the people around you. The world needs us to give up our BULLSHIT and live full out. To shed those stories, to learn the ninja skills that can help us release the weights and traumas that we don't need. To step into the light of being true lightworkers. 

This comprehensive, practical course Includes training in key coaching tools including the essential practices of holding space, working with resistance, and finding your teachers. You'll practice personal coaching and mentoring, learn cutting-edge customer service skills, explore your own creativity, develop pleasurable marketing and sales essentials, and train in the latest most quantum mindset techniques.

A sample of what we work on....

  • Holding Space
  • Change Process
  • Body Wisdom + Healing Stored Trauma
  • Finding your teachers + their key lessons
  • Doing your own work--blind spots + resistance
  • Transformative Change: Meditation + Oneness
  • Sacred Creativity: Your Secret Sauce
  • Customer Service + Being of Service
  • Magic
  • The gold in your stories
  • What is ‘Mastery’

If this is whispering to you, let's talk! I've got a few spots open, and we start soon.
Everyone LOVES this course. 

Desperation--You Should Write A Blog Post About THAT!

"You should write a blog post about THAT!” My friend Dina typed this to me. I was writing about my most detested word: desperate. It is the extreme of ‘want’. I recently read that ‘wanting’ goes against the rhythm of the universe. Desire does not, but ‘wanting’ does. If you are desperate you are in a keen state of want. If you desire you are open. The experience that gets you out of desperation is one of feeling safe, hopeful,self confident. Trusting. 

When I think of desperation I imagine myself stuck in a corner with a vise around my chest. Ugh. 

Today is my daughter Lily’s birthday. Yesterday she was traveling in the Northeast’s ‘bomb cyclone’, returning from Philadelphia to Portland OR. Either climate change is bringing all new terms into our weather vernacular, or having lived my life in the Northwest I know only boring weather terms like ‘ice storm’ and ‘endless rain’. I woke up to a flurry of alerts from Delta about Lily’s flights…delays, cancellations, weather updates. As she traveled, she was expectedly out of touch for long hours and of course, I thought about her. A piece of my heart was ever so slightly out of place as I knew she was navigating across the country. Worry flirted with me. I saw it on the edge of my consciousness. Long years of parenting have taught me that ‘worry’ brings me only more of the same. If you’ve worked with me you know my term ‘worry barnacling’. Worry is a tough habit to eradicate. 

The parenting landscape gives us a perfect opportunity to look at the difference between desperation, want, and desire. Love for a child is all encompassing, it is brutal and intense. It is wondrous and effervescent. Your life’s energy is inextricably intertwined with the entire world of a another being, whose experiences you can only influence to a certain degree. It’s one long letting go from the moment of birth. When they launch—apt term—your arms are suddenly stunningly empty. It’s like you’re guiding a big jet out onto the runway and you’re there while it races to take off, but then it takes off and you’re still on the runway. What you want—what you want to want—is that it reaches its destination safely. This calls for vision and desire. Worry gets in your way. Desperation does nothing but stick you in a cave of fear and anxiety. 

There are few emotions more toxic than desperation. We all feel it. I  desperately want him to call (or care). I desperately want to have that relationship back. I desperately want that settlement, that client, that money, that validation. I tested myself yesterday as Lily traveled. All day I wanted to feel her safe at home. I challenged myself to not worry. It’s not a huge thing, traveling like that…it’s not an illness or an injury. It’s just travel. But the example of leaning into seeing her safe at home, visioning her at the end of her journey happily celebrating her birthday today, that idea is one to roll around against the feeling of desperation. If you feel desperate about a part of your life, know that the cultivating the opposite is the way out of that jam. How to do that? Desperation is so overwhelming and awful. You lean into relief. You look at the situation you’re stuck in and you imagine a resolution that is several steps ahead of the immediate problem and you envision it. So if it’s a relationship that is super stuck, see the person in their own highest light, fulfilling their desires and dreams and you supporting them. A work situation that HAS to resolve a certain way? No it doesn’t. Know that the Universe has a far greater intelligence than us and is always orchestrating solutions for our highest good provided we are leaning into the peace that surpasses all understanding. In my own life I’ve been taken to my knees in desperation many times, and I know now that the way out of it is to consciously curate hope, vision and calm. Emotions are heavy and dense. Meditation and journaling help dissolve the really tough ones. Often the of feeling desperation is tied to deep habits we’ve carried for a lifetime or longer. Do not feel you need to go it alone. Do your own work, and get support for your deepest stucknesses. 

Did you follow my 12 Days of Codependence series on Instagram? I've yet to talk to a single person who saw the series who didn't say, oh yeah...I needed THAT. Search on #12Days on my Instagram if you missed any. 


If you are thinking I am going to turn into Seth Godin and email you every day, no. I am going to honor work when it comes up. That means I’ll be in your inbox once or twice a week. Once with a longer piece, and once with a digest or shorter one. Or on busy weeks just once!  I know your time is sacred and I will only bring you the good stuff. Just like 'Only the good notes' that Jack Black used to create the “Iris” tune in The Holiday, my all-time favorite Christmas movie. 

RADIANT. Do you have a word for 2018? I love that idea, having a word for the year. Mine is radiant. January brings us the opportunity to set new goals for the projects that will take flight in Spring and be refreshed in September. January is about discipline. Gym and Yoga studio owners know this-we always see a flurry of new activity.

If you’re wrestling with how to create a plan for the year and want support, I invite you to consider a VIP intensive with me. 2-3 hrs together either via Zoom (or in person if you are in Bend). We’ll untangle your blocks, craft your vision and send you off with a fully formed plan including feng shui tips and a word for 2018. Nourishing, clearing, empowering and fun! Message me to schedule. 

Saving Parmigiano Reggiano--The Weirdness Of Mastery

Last night I watched the first episode of ‘Chef’s Table’ (I'm working backwards) which features Massimo Bottura, the proprietor of the 3rd best restaurant in the world, Osteria Francescana. After an earthquake in 2012 he developed the recipe for ‘risotto cacio e pepe’ to foster the sale of 360,000 damaged wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano—a recipe as a work of social justice. The recipe and sales preserved the industry.

His creativity in the kitchen is informed and fueled by his relationship with his wife, who is American. She introduced him to art and culture. He weaves his extraordinary palate into an artist’s approach to the plate. He is beyond compare, in that he is uniquely himself in his work and has made his passion his purpose. Watching this, I thought about the yoga class I had just attended. My friend and teacher Rebecca Bell returned from a winter vacation on Tuesday; last night was her first class back in town. 41 people attended, which is unusual for our town, particularly on a 23 degree winter night. Rebecca’s unique and challenging classes are masterpieces in choreography. She takes requests before every class. She never plans. She then combines all the requests into fast-paced Ashtanga based vinyasa yoga, linking up to 12 poses on a side. It’s all set to club level music. Participating in these classes is a commitment to your own transformation.

Mastery is deeply personal, and it is weird as hell. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I train coaches. I got some flak last month for a photograph I posted that marketed the laptop lifestyle. Do we need more unqualified coaches, the poster commented? The comment hit me in the feels mostly because it revealed my flawed advertising strategy. My zone of genius isn’t advertising. My posts about the course have suggested that if you feel the call to coach and take the class, in 3 months you can be out in the market with a product. I stand behind that claim. If you apply for the training and you get in, you can be selling a product with integrity in 3 months. You’ll be a newbie coach. You’re a long way from Mastery, but you’re on your way. But the value of this training is not reflected in social media postings or my homegrown ads.

If you are a person of extraordinary insight and empathy, a person who is curious about the quantum nature of the universe, and doing deep work on your own cultural or personal trauma, you might be interested in this course. If you want to work to help heal the dense and dysfunctional thinking that most of the world is engaged in, a person who is willing to turn inward to seek wisdom, and who wants in their bones to help others uncover their light and heal, then you might, maybe, want to take this course. If you are a person who is not intimidated by a reading list of ten books, who is willing to take massive action toward their big yet whispered dreams, and who wants to turn vulnerability into strength, then this course might be for you.

I am a voracious reader and student and always tuning in to what is happening in the marketplace.There are a lot of digital or part digital courses in my space. Smart..right? It’s smart thinking because you can leverage and reach more people. “More people” equals more business volume. And I have some courses that I think are a good fit for digital market. Coach Training is not one of them. My coach training course is Karate Kid style mentoring. It is intimate, it is amazing, it is transformational, and I am your only teacher. The reason that my teacher’s yoga classes fill up every night is that she delivers the goods in her own weird mastered way, and she developed that style because it healed HER. Massimo Bottura had a multi-country love affair with his wife Lara and wove her teachings into his unique approach to creating brilliant dishes. In June of 2016 there was a 3 1/2 month wait for a table at Osteria Francescana. After Chef’s Table hit Netflix I imagine that wait went up. Rebecca’s classes now regularly hit 40 people and sometimes over 60. I have been studying personal development and personalized healing for over 20 yrs; my methods work. If you go all the way out on a limb into the world, people want to understand..because it inspires THEM to take risks.

This is not coach "training". It is mentoring, it is an apprenticeship. If you want to become a coach, this is your course.

I give you the essential tools, and we create your path as a student of coaching which teaches you how to cultivate your own brand of Mastery. This is not for everyone. And it will never be digital. When you figure out how to do something truly unique and share it with others, people want it. You know if you want this, This is extraordinary curriculum.

It has the power to change —to even save lives--starting with yours. 2018 is here, and the world needs healing. I’m not here to mass market. I’m here to teach. Limited space--message me to talk it through. We start soon.

Perfectly Imperfect For 2017

Perfectly Imperfect. That’s what holidays are meant to be. The path of building a family is rich and rewarding. It contains the same challenges as any other path, calling for sustained effort, adaptation, resilience, strength, rebuilding after challenge, forward focus, vision, love. Here are my girls looking happy, nourished, fresh. But also funny and real. It was so cloudy in town that the girls didn’t bring their sunglasses up to the mountain. And the skiing was accompanied by a lot of falling, some challenge moments, some belly laughs. The picture is a snapshot, and the brightness of it is what I want to see when I look. I tell my eyes what to see.  I see love and happiness. 

Holidays are power packed with emotion and pressure. Enjoy the ease, ignore the ick, do only half of what you plan and savor any moments of sweetness you find. I used to live next door to one of the Seattle Times’ photographers. "How many pictures do you take at each event?", I asked him. "Oh about 200-300," he said. 

"And what’s your goal for good images?" 

My word for 2017 was Mindset. This one was a challenge during one of the toughest years I can remember for our country, world, region. But the challenges made the choice only more important. Mindset tools are essential in this rapidly shifting world. 

A reminder on my phone pinged me this morning: It said ‘Meditation/Journal’. I created the daily reminder in January (I think) and with only two days left in the year, today I will delete it. Not because I don’t do those practices anymore…no. Just the opposite. The practices of journaling and meditation have become so essential to me that I no longer need a reminder. I crave them. Through meditation and journaling, I have reconnected with what’s essential. As Abraham Hicks says, “You’ve got to vibrate slightly differently from where you are if you are going improve. You can’t keep taking score without continuing to create it as it is. To make improvement, you’ve got to reach for a different thought. "

Einstein said, “You can’t solve a problem with the mind that created it.” 

Here are tips on my own best practices for Mindset: 

Meditation: My favorite teachers for this are Gabrielle Bernstein and Dr. Joe Dispenza

Journaling: A tough practice to start, but stick with it using a ‘Morning Pages’approach. 

A personal realignment protocol: You WILL get triggered and stressed. You need a tight plan that gets you back to balance. Healthy meals, workouts, good rest, minimizing inputs. This varies for all of us. Mine is one very quiet evening, one good sleep, and two good workouts. 

Honoring the power of addiction. It's not IF we're addicted, it's to what. Recognize where it's interfering with your dreams, visions, and goals and build practices to stay strong and on track. 

Giving back to be in flowMy inspiration for a new path on this came from the wonderful book 'The Yellow Envelope'. The book brought a fresh playfulness into giving and that transformed receiving! 

Soul Tribe: Paying close attention to my 'top five'.  As business great Jim Rohn said, "You are the average of the five people with whom you spend the most time." Keep a close eye on who's on that list. 

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Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Morning

This morning my sister and I went out on a snowy walk to clear our holiday heads. Our families arrive tomorrow, and our lists are long. We planned to release the charge of everything that we need to do by thinking it out on the frosty walk. I’ve been surprised this week by an oddly irritable mood. What is this, I kept asking myself? I felt distracted and raw. As a single parent I trained myself out of holiday overwhelm years ago, or so I thought. Yet this mood of slight cranky was stuck to everything. 

My sister, who was feeling the same way, observed that we likely inherited this mood habit from our mom. Though she died years ago, the culture of dutiful self-sacrifice at the holidays was one she skillfully mentored in all of us. Christmastime was a flurry of parties and command performances rich with tradition and obligation. My parents used to host a popular party on Christmas Day that commonly had us serving dinner to at least 40 people.

It’s my habit, I realized, to feel over stressed about the holidays. My mom handed that tradition down to me just as she gave me her favorite recipes. I pull out the Christmas music right after Thanksgiving, and I pull out the irritation too. 

An entrepreneur I know put a post on social media yesterday about a huge day in her business, and her own conflicted emotions about it. The knowledge that the hugeness of the day is something to celebrate, and her own feelings about having a ton of work to do and only ten working days left in the year. She didn’t feel like celebrating. "No accomplishment or achievement comes with a cushion of time around it to enjoy”, she observed.  Every morning she reads poetry and yesterday it was Robert Frost, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. She quoted the poem. 

Whose woods these are I think I know.   
His house is in the village though;   
He will not see me stopping here   
To watch his woods fill up with snow.   
My little horse must think it queer   
To stop without a farmhouse near   
Between the woods and frozen lake   
The darkest evening of the year.   
He gives his harness bells a shake   
To ask if there is some mistake.   
The only other sound’s the sweep   
Of easy wind and downy flake.   
The woods are lovely, dark and deep,   
But I have promises to keep,   
And miles to go before I sleep,   
And miles to go before I sleep.

Its message for her was clear. Savor the moment.  Reading her post I was surprised to find myself welling with tears. 

I work with emotions every day, helping brilliant people untangle from webs and weights that they’ve carried for decades and find fresh freedom and space. Yet an emotional addiction of my own crept in on me ‘like little cat feet” (let’s just stick with the poetry theme) and tangled me into a fog unrelated to my modern day. 

Savoring. Being in the “generous present moment” as Dr. Joe Dispenza describes it. 

We are celebrating this weekend.
And I am consciously releasing that habit of my mom’s.

Mom was also so good at making occasions special. My daughter Madeleine graduated from Portland State University last weekend and we’re honoring that with gluten free lasagna for 20 on Saturday.  She was shy about this, given she's graduating late. With love and a little tenacity, I broke her into the celebratory mood. Now she's giddy about the plan. I even got a mortarboard in PSU green for the occasion. 

I finished my last day of client work for the year last night. I am blessed beyond measure with the most spectacular, brave, brilliant, creative, fun, and wonderful humans as clients. It is an honor to be in their bright lights. 

The chunk of our clan that is gathering together this year is meeting up in my own town, the best little city in the West--beautiful Bend, Oregon. 

That's 3 gratitudes. If you've ever worked with me, you know that practice! And just typing them out is giving me another well of grateful tears. 

Miles to go before we sleep? Absolutely. But a moment of savoring in the quiet snow...oh yes. 

I Dreamed This, And Now It's True

One of my clients effervescently said to me this week, "I dreamed all this, and now it's coming true. Thank you so much." 

I can't take credit for making her dreams come true. But I do take credit for being the beacon to help her find her own light. I hear this kind of thing almost every day. The work of coaching is sacred...it is about holding space for others and seeing them in their own highest light. You do your OWN work as part of the process of learning how to help others. It is alchemical, transformational and deeply healing. 

It's what I teach. 

Another client contacted me recently--sweetest story! She's been struggling with autoimmune illness which naturally brought on depression. As part of her homework I've had her looking into how to cultivate pleasure--specifically find new hobbies. She started with art therapy, was thinking about music. One night she got on Wikipedia and searched on 'hobbies'. The list was long and fascinating. Her eye was immediately drawn to dowsing. DOWSING. I mean, would you ever? I thought maybe she'd get into ceramics. 

Well as a part of her new hobby she has now begun to identify the contaminants in and under her home that are contributing to her ongoing autoimmune illness. And guess what? She's getting better. 

I cannot make this stuff up.  This is my real job.  

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How To Step Away From Judgment


At a party, the conversation drifted to Social media, a hot and sparky topic in my world. Whose feed do we like, whose content is on point, who is pushing too hard for followers? Within minutes we were dangerously close to full-blown judgment. We stopped ourselves. What was the goal?

Someone shared that in Hindu mythology Lord Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, carries a sword. One reason for this is to exercise discernment, which is considered an essential and challenging practice. Ganesh's sword slices away what is unimportant, including attachments we don’t need. This brings us into presence.

We looked at the why behind our analyzing and leaned away from judgment, which was right there waiting for us to stick a spoon in it, and into awareness. Learning, yes. Judgment, no. Awareness allows us to make conscious choices--choices that are INformed, meaning formed within, not in reflection. 

It's about leaning back into your own chair when the feelings get hot and feeling your own feelings. Not your reactions, your feelings. If you're in your feelings with love for yourself, you'll hear what needs to be expressed. 

I feel competitive. 
I feel unsure. 
I feel disappointed in myself. 
I feel I could do better. 


I need to get back in my lane. 
I'm engaging in this because it's interesting, but it's not important. 
Talking about this reminds me I'm good with what I'm doing. 
I'm okay. I'm good! 



On Saturday I found a comment on one of my coach training Facebook posts. "Do we need more unqualified coaches?", asked a bright coach who specializes in creative funnels. My post, she felt, sold the lifestyle of coaching, and is that something we should be doing? The market is saturated. "Maybe truly examine whether we need more unqualified ‘coaches’ and whether we feel in alignment of creating more coaches." 
The market for coaching programs is noisy. Mine is a boutique alternative, and there's no doubt that it belongs in the market. It's going into its 3rd year next year and truth be told, I wanted to drop it last summer. But it did not want to be dropped..it called seekers to it, and that class graduated in October and is now and helping heal lives.
Last week I made a trailer about it for a local friend who wanted to market it to her mastermind. The content is on point for anyone thinking about coach training. Curious? I've linked it below. 
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ELON MUSK AND OPRAH read a book a week. Do you? Here’s how. Brain coach Jim Kwik shares his method in this quick 3-minute Video. 

For my final 2017 newsletters, I'll be sharing few of my favorite things from this year, beginning with some of the best books I read in 2017. 

  • THE BIG LEAP by Gay Hendricks. Masterwork about how we all naturally sabotage ourselves and how we can release that pattern and spend more time in our Zone of Genius.
  • SHOE DOG by Phil Knight. Riveting read by the founder of Nike---edge of your seat storytelling about visionary thinking and near insane risk-taking.  
  • THE UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK by Gabrielle Bernstein. Practical and magical, this book includes a step by step process anyone can use to learn how to trust the Universe. As 'A Course in Miracles' says, “Miracles are natural. When they do not occur, something has gone wrong.” This book will open you up to interacting with the universe in a gentle yet profoundly powerful way. 
  • BECOMING SUPERNATURAL by Dr. Joe Dispenza, How common people are doing the uncommon to transform themselves and their lives. The case studies will give you chills! The final chapters are an inspiring exploration of his new venture, Project Coherence, which is a global healing project with the objective of raising the earth’s frequency to elevate our collective consciousness. 



It's About How To Tune Your Radio

At dinner with a friend the sparkly conversation roamed from her recent bike trip, to the art of conversational intimacy, to world religions, to, eventually, the challenge of staying positive in trying times. It’s the topic many of us run subconsciously all the time. 

On the Monday that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement I found tears welling in my eyes simply because for once on a Monday there was a bright piece of news to savor. A happy story rather than the brutal confusing headlines that leave me constantly reeling. Let there be light, I thought. Let me return to my routine of flipping on the radio in the morning to hear about current events. I remember my first days of listening to NPR when I was in college working mornings in a bakery. The soothing storytelling rhythm has been the soundtrack of my life for decades. Or it was. I turned the radio off over a year ago and rarely listen now. 

In times like these, we must look to our thought leaders to set the course for our own approach, because visionary thinking is a lantern in our darkness. And our thought leaders are not the news organizations that greedily grub for our air and brainwaves. Thought leaders are people like Marianne Williamson, who urge us to stay awake and involved yet also to not lose faith. People like Dr. Joe Dispenza, who is now broadcasting his teachings and workshops to a much broader audience so that more people can become alive to the power of their own brains and help bring about the transformation our world needs. 

The world is intensely noisy with instant stories, reactions, pithy commentary, and rapid-fire analysis and judgment. It’s intoxicating and fascinating. And depleting and discouraging. 

If you are feeling stuck in a story in your life, a challenging situation or belief set, a toxic relationship pattern, your own annoying hangups…it’s like plaque in your brain. It can feel that the anguish, anger, and fatigue are super glued to your cells. If you are feeling exhausted as a citizen, horrified by the cartoonishly awful headlines which seem to reach into a new corner of our beliefs and understandings each day, that too is like stuck on stress. A fog hiding your sunshine. 

Let those emotions to fuel your yearning to power through and push past them into the light. Into informed powerful action, a curiosity for happiness, and the grace that comes with understanding. Our thought leaders are not sitting around wringing their hands, they are giving from their best selves each and every day, and in that process they are being fueled energetically. They are leading a brilliant grassroots mission that will heal the virus of fear that has infected our modern world. 

Personal pain and world pain feel awfully similar. Pain is pain, and we labor under the delusion that negative emotions weigh more than positive emotions. I still don’t totally get the physics on this. But I know enough to say that if you are down, you HAVE to commit to righting yourself with every tool in your arsenal and every cell in your being until you feel strong, grounded, positive and percolated with happiness again. The world needs your joy, and it’s on you to uncover it. 

Write out the negative emotions by hand and then burn the paper. Sit for meditation as if your life depended on it, because it does. Discipline your mind and body so you wake up clear. Sweat your prayers. Nourish your happiness by investing in it—connecting with the people you love, giving time and resources to causes and people you cherish. The world NEEDS you to come alive. It’s never been more important.

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In Which I Link Hallmark Christmas Movies + Caroline Myss

This weekend I watched two of the corniest Christmas movies ever: 'An Unlikely Angel' and '12 Dates of Christmas'. I inherited my love of sappy Christmas movies from my mom, and I am unapologetic about this guilty pleasure. My brain turns off at night. Plus, they're fun! And they contain hidden genius.

In ‘An Unlikely Angel’ Dolly Parton’s rough side of the tracks lounge singer character gets killed off in the first 5 minutes. She heads to the pearly gates, where St. Peter (Roddy McDowell) greets her with the unwelcome news that she isn’t eligible for wings. Yet. He’s sending her back to earth with a Christmas mission—she needs to repair a broken family by midnight on Christmas Eve. The family Dolly has to fix has an angry workaholic dad and two sad kids—mom died two years ago and they are all emotionally stuck. Dolly, dressed and made up exactly as if she’s about to hit the stage, is their new nanny. Yeah, sit with that for a minute. Anyway, she takes to the task with gusto because what’s the alternative? Spolier: with the help of a lot of little miracles, she indeed heals the family by Christmas Eve. Dolly gets two numbers in, FYI…in one she’s ‘surprise’ introduced to the stage but happens to be wearing a gold lamé mini-dress because that’s how nannies dress in ‘An Unlikely Angel’. Miraculous happenings play a heavy role here…Roddy McDowell shows up every other scene to help her out: he’s a neighbor walking his dogs down her street, he’s the hotel concierge, he’s Santa at the department store. Nudged in the right direction, Dolly figures the path out herself, growing into a soul worthy of wings, and it is mostly her handiwork that creates the reunited and it feels so good happy ending. 

 In my strength training class on Saturday my teacher Ally shared that she also has a thing for Hallmark Christmas films. My ears perked up when she mentioned ‘12 Dates of Christmas’, the title is perfect. So I dug in. In this one Amy Smart is a neurotic NYC ad exec (why was that the sexy profession for so long?) who is obsessed with her ex and also supremely selfish and all about forcing her life into what she knows it should be, a key pillar of which is getting back a guy who dumped her. Her poor dad has remarried after losing his wife (Amy’s mom) and Amy is not a fan of new stepmom. “I miss mom,” she plaintively complains to her dad. Um, she’s dead, and also the new stepmom is really nice. And is setting Amy up with an amazing dream date who happens to be free for drinks on Christmas Eve. 

This movie is kind of a Groundhog Day thing. Amy is stuck in a seemingly endless loop of living Christmas Eve repeatedly over while she works out key life lessons. She’s a slow learner, so this takes a while. Eventually, she starts to get a clue that life is better when you open up to possibility and when you give more than you get, and when you let others live the lives they want to live. Awwww. So much popcorn. 

Here’s the thing though. These movies both are about suspension of reality and allowing the lessons of miracles to help the characters see bigger than they can see with their self-oriented earthbound viewpoints. 

And though I fast forwarded through scenes in both of them (it had to take Amy 12 dates to learn her lessons because of the song, so they really stretched that one out) I love the idea that when we are the only architects of our lives we create based on our limited thinking. When we open up to divine assistance, life gets a lot more wonderful. The writers of these films may have been creating entertainment based on the idea that people want to suspend their beliefs and enjoy being carried along for the ride, but the movies portray the way that the universe really works. We think we’re in charge and we try to prove our genius all the time, but what we often prove is more our egoic stubbornness. 

Recently I was listening to a lovely guided meditation by Caroline Myss and I heard her say the words, “Are you afraid of change? Why?” and as she said the words in my mind I thought, “I’m not afraid of change” then a moment later the realization settled on me—I am afraid of change, or more accurately of not being in control. Caroline’s next words in that meditation are, “I step out of your way, Heaven. Move into my life. Change what you need to change. Because I am here for service. I fear the changes, but I trust them.” 

Are you afraid? If so, ask Heaven to come in. Ask for a Christmas miracle. We toil and struggle in our mental habits resisting change because it feels different and our minds crave the familiar, But as an enlightened soul you can look around you and see that everywhere people are creating what they expect based on what they’ve experienced or been trained to pursue. If what your tribe is creating is calling you alive and you’re on fire for life—keep going! But if what you are doing isn’t your deep soul’s purpose or you are struggling under the weight of what could be, feeling "if only I could unlock the next level of life", then you are being called to ask for more. 

The universe loves you so much that it will deliver to you what you expect, even if that is misery. Expect glory, and vanquish the resistance that keeps you from realizing that awareness. 



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Open up to your own brilliance. We're called to work out essential traumas in our lives, and if we resist them, we feel stagnant. We feel like we're in the early scenes of a Hallmark movie. 

Our work is gentle, but we go deep fast, accessing your intuition to cultivate a personal vision, then constructing homework assignments that hold you accountable to your own genius.

Nourishing and life-changing. If this is calling to you, simply reply to this email; we will set up a chat. 

Courage is Contagious

Last night I watched Gretchen Carlson’s talk from the recent TEDWomen conference in New Orleans. She talked about July 6, 2016 as the day she jumped off a cliff. Taking an enormous personal risk, she filed a lawsuit against her former boss, Fox News' Roger Ailes, for wrongful termination after sexual harassment. She had no idea what would happen. 

Once the news was made public, she began hearing from women all over the world who’ve been similarly been sexually harassed at their places of employment. Her new cause, Being Fierce, was born. After initial absolute denial about the validity of the suit, Roger Ailes settled with Ms. Carlson a mere two months later, for twenty million dollars. She recently published a book, and is now a leading advocate in the swelling movement sweeping our country. She rode her courage to power and fulfillment.

But when she made the choice to file the suit against Mr. Ailes, she did not have that platform. Terminated by Fox, she reached into her heart for the strength to stand up for herself. She privately met with attorneys and documented her experience. She listened to her own brave voice as she prepared to file. Deciding to be a trailblazer is lonely at the head of the trail. Whether you are Gretchen Carlson, a marathon runner looking to push past World records, Kim Dinan, who wrote the book I'm reading--a true story about a global traveler setting out on an unusual mission, or a simple human being seeking to fulfill your personal purpose, choosing to buck the herd is a challenging path. 

Yet, it is essential. And the deeper I go in my own coaching work, the more I am called to share my mission of healing by mentoring others who might be hearing the same call I heard. 

If you are curious about coaching, you may be thinking, is this really a job? Seems either super weird or already an overcrowded field. Watching Amazon swallow the universe, and reading unsettling economic headlines you might feel it would be simpler to stay in commercial waters, stuff your anxieties and desire to help others--play by the rules. 

But if you have helped even one person this year, I ask you to turn to the feelings you had when you knew that person FELT BETTER as a result of your conversation with them. The world needs lightworkers. Fear and anxiety are epidemic in our society, and these are viruses that are nearly impossible to heal alone. We must be held to be healed. The world needs more coaches.  

Yesterday I went to the dentist and as they put the X-ray blanket on me I was reminded of an analogy I have turned to lately—that dark emotions are similar to a dental X-ray blanket on our bright spirits. Our lights shine brightly underneath, yet with our hands clasped in our laps under the weight of the blankets we do not shine and do not know how to cast off the weight. 

Coaching teaches the toolset that brings people into the light. It is powerful, lucrative, transformational and enormously self-healing. My coach training course teaches foundational tools, a brilliant customer service model (I learned it at Nordstrom!) and practical tips to get you launched with a product in three months.

The course is effective, magic, and grounded in corporate style logic. You do your own work as you learn to help others do theirs. As Gretchen Carlson said in the talk I saw last night, “Courage is contagious.” Find yours, and share it with others. 

Coach Training starts in January. Are you feeling the call to find out more? If yes, let’s talk. 

Taming The Tiger--Use Envy to Grow

ENVY is a message to up level; it is the mild form of jealousy. Both are a contraction of energy, and if you nip the first in the bud, you won’t suffer from the second. We confuse the two, and harsh on ourselves for both, but let’s instead look at the lessons in each. 

When I experience envy, it is a wake-up call to me that I need to take my efforts up a notch, on my own terms. A member of my yoga posse was out of class from late spring through summer after blowing out a knee snowboarding. Now she’s back, and after a few tender practices she is nailing poses I am currently only approaching. I feel envy.  

As an empty nester, I feel the pang of no longer being a daily mom, and my Facebook feed is full of my friends’ lively experiences with their still-at-home kids. Also, Facebook, which of course tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth, makes it clear these families are all fantastically happy and don’t suffer the communication issues that sometimes trouble my own tribe. 

I feel nudged into action by these feelings of envy. I can’t bullshit myself that I am working hard enough in yoga, I need to kick it up a few notches. 

I can’t sit around mooning over other people’s kids, I need to live my own life and not buy into Facebook’s illusion. 

Instead of allowing the negative I look at both situations as inspirational, as opportunities for expansion.That is how I stay in my own hula hoop. I know I can work harder in yoga, and I want to. I need to set milestones and work toward them. And I know that when I was home with my kids 24/7 I yearned for the freedom I have now. Looking across the pasture in regret does not bring that green grass over to my side. I am here now, and being the best parent I can be means loving my children wholeheartedly on their terms, and not hanging out on Facebook thinking everyone has a better family than I do. 


JEALOUSY is envy on steroids. Jealousy is like there’s one pie and if someone else gets a bigger piece there is less for you. Your partner spending time with other people means there is less time for you, or that you are being left out. Your daughter develops a strong close relationship with another woman your age, and it eats you up inside. Your friends took early retirement and are traveling the world and you can’t stand to look at their pictures. Someone you know is newly in love and glowing, and you do not enjoy being around their happy vibration. 


I doubt you experience jealousy. I had to sit and think for a bit to come up with examples and I made all of those up; you are probably similarly evolved. But low energies can prey on us when we’re tired, over-burdened, stressed. And when they do, it’s incumbent on us to raise our frequencies. This takes disciplined effort. Do it when you hit envy, so you do not tip into jealousy. 


In yoga we practice aparigraha, which is non-covetousness or non-attachment. Envy is a mild head cold. Jealousy is a full blown infection.  Both of these constructs are built on the idea of LACK, which goes against the flow of the universe. If you are forcing, you are out of flow. If you are coveting, you are not in your hula hoop. If you are out of your own flow, your connection will be blocked; you will feel depleted. Flip your perspective into feeling inspired by what you see around you. If you want it, your soul wants it. Raise your own bar. Only you can do that. 

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