Changing Vibration

Years ago, while visiting a friend in Santa Fe I heard a set of CDs titled ‘Trance Planet’. Curated by KCRW producer Tom Schnabel, they were groundbreaking compilations of world music. Thoughtfully researched, they had the best liner notes and every track on every album was spectacular. I lapped them up and I still have the CDs today, even though the only CD player I have is in my car (and I usually plug my phone in for music even there). The songs are jewels of musical wonder that give me, still, a feeling of magic, expansiveness, and love. 

Recently my spectacular DJ yoga teacher began playing a haunting African song in one of her classes. She’s always playing funky stuff and I follow her playlists on Spotify so the first few times I heard it I just listened joyfully. But something about that one track really stuck with me. I wanted to know who it was; so I asked her. When I looked up the artist I realized that the album from which the track was drawn also included an iconic track from one of the Trance Planets. The artist is one of Kenya’s most well-known musicians, Ayub Ogaba.  

Whether you’re into music or not, my takeaway from this is that when a download comes from the Universe, if you are in alignment for that energy, it’s quite pure. The African musician was very lined up when he recorded that album. The tracks on it captivate me as a listener now just as they did almost twenty years ago. The rhythm and ear poetry they offer unravels me from the miasma of my own heavy thinking. 
My own thinking is fascinating to me, but I see a bigger picture when I unplug from it and allow guidance. 

Yesterday my daughter called me; she was upset. Generally, she can’t topple my mood these days but there are a few hot-button topics that can pierce my veil. She hit one, and I could feel the tide of emotion rising in me. I went from grounded and calm to fight or flight/wanting to control in about 30 seconds. I could see it happening. Years of training on my relationship with her kicked in and I said the right things to get us off the phone calmly. We texted and emailed later to make progress. But in the moment I was on fire. I was sad, mad, triggered and could only see MY solution to HER issues. 

When caught in a tide of emotion, the hardest thing to do is to right your ship back into a positive vibration. This is where quantum physics really pisses me off. I don’t want to fix my vibration, I want the world to fix it for me. World, please serve up some sunshine in HUGE doses when I feel like crap. 

One of my friends had a terrible day. Already at a heightened level of stress, a project at her house went awry and she got super triggered by it. She called me, 911 style. When we hopped on the phone I could almost hear her hair on fire. The next morning she debriefed it a little bit.

“I am mad at about 9 different people right now. Why is everyone being so irritating?” 

Me: Do you want an honest answer? 

Her: Yes. 

Me: Because you are vibrating ‘irritated’. Everyone around you is responding to that vibration. 

Her: Gah! That is both genius and irritating! 

She has to change her vibration if she wants to see ‘happy’ or ‘calm’.  

On a day to day level, this advice is akin to "get your workout in" or "take your supplements". You have to manage your vibration. Daily. When you do, the world serves you more of what you vibrate…happiness, peace, joy, abundance, health. We all have vibrations that we unconsciously, easily manage. Do you avoid colds while others suffer? Always find a parking place? My ex-husband has a knack for finding traffic in the oddest places. Recently our daughter graduated from college. We were all staying in downtown Portland which is about a ten-minute drive from the Rose Quarter where the ceremony was being held. A ten-minute drive on a quiet, sunny Saturday. He got caught in traffic. My daughters tease me about always making friends with customer service people in stores and restaurants. I always find nice servers and salespeople. This is vibration. When it feels good, it feels very very good. 

But when it feels bad, it feels horrid. And living in the world we can’t predict when we’re going to get hit by the next wave. You have to do preventive maintenance on your vibration so that you’re prepared to handle the challenges that come to you.

And more than that, you need to recognize that the higher you vibe, the better the downloads. That takes me back to the African musician. When he wrote that music, on the ‘music’ level he was vibing with purity. Maybe he had challenges in other parts of his life, we don’t know. But he lined up, and he got that download, and his work still resonates today.   

If you do the work to get out of your head—meditation, journaling, dedicated self-care—the benefits are immense. Not only will you feel strong, resilient, capable and positive, you will also be in line for better divine downloads. When you line up the Universe says, "Oh, we've got a player!"

If you think this is BS, I challenge you to go right now to look at a piece of art or read a page from a novel you love, or listen to music you adore. You relate to the work because it is informed by the Divine. It was a download. 

Miracles are everyone’s right, says A Course in Miracles. 

Purification is necessary first. 

Clean up your act and line up for better downloads by remembering your thoughts are NOT you, and they can be tamed and calmed through a steady diet of meditation, exercise, sleep, nourishment and 1:1 healing conversations. 


Are you a fountain of joy 24/7?  I talked to three moms who struggled on Mother’s Day—whining kids, insensitive spouses, lazy plans, no one calling. Plus the thief of joy atmosphere on Facebook where everyone apparently has the most ‘amazing’ mom. GAH! 

Let’s talk for a minute about the pit of mental despair. My daughter texted me the other day: “I’m having a bad day.” So we hopped on the phone. She played her greatest hits: I’m lonely, I eat too much ice cream. I don’t know my purpose in life. Is it normal, she asked, to feel at odds with everything?
Yes, it is completely normal. It is also very much a choice to allow negative thoughts and feelings to lead you down the garden path. Sometimes feeling positive is a choice you need to concertedly make, against the will of your own mind.
I just finished reading ‘Option B’ by Sheryl Sandberg. In the chapter ‘Taking Back Joy’ she quotes human rights activist Shannon Sedgwick Davis, “Joy is a discipline.”  If you are not feeling it, or are feeling the exact opposite, it’s more than a distant memory. It’s a foreign idea. Once you’re in touch with it again, the effervescence is expansive and nourishing. But when the light is out, what the hell should you do? It can feel like you are trying to turn a runaway train.
Being in bootcamp for your brain means you consciously recognize those times when you’re down and take all the steps you need to get back to 100%.You turn your mind around using the same approach you take to having missed a few workouts or falling off a healthy eating program. Disciplined practice. 
Also, if your body is off, your mind is down. If you’ve fallen off your healthy eating program or have been partying, if you’re triggered from eating the wrong foods, if your sleep is disrupted-- your mind is going to be offline, inflamed, cranky, despondent.

Taking joy back is as simple as bringing your body back, and retraining your mind. 

It's just your mind?

Here's your Rx. Fierce Joy. Practice joy until you feel it. 

  • Find a joy accountability partner and agree to hold each other accountable about joy--trade joyful images by the end of any day you need to do a 911 joy practice
  • Get outside--nature heals
  • Give your brain something different to do--art, music, playing a game. 
  • Humor--such a great cure for everything! 
  • Meditate

Your body took your brain offline?

Rx: Do not listen to the mind until you bring the body back. 

  • Manage your inputs. Limit social media and ALL media. Curate your phone calls.

  • No time with energy vampires
  • Nourishing, healing meals.  
  • Sleep
  • Meditate
  • Exercise/practice yoga
  • I usually need to follow this formula for at least 48 hrs before I break through. 

Joy is your birthright! The more you focus on joy in your work and service, the more flow, peace, and happiness come easily to you. Ever notice how the minute you let a stress go that's when the problem resolves?

Joy is an essential discipline. When you lose it, fiercely take it back.  

If you need help writing or maintaining a Rx for a joy practice, if you feel like you get lost in the emotional weeds quickly, let's build your superpowers. Feel better, stronger, more resilient and more JOYFUL. JOY recovery practice. Proven, powerful, personalized and FUN. Tailored to you.
Total nourishment.  I'm working with four joy hungry people in an all new JOY recovery program.  Three months of coaching, homework, humor, magic, belly healing, practical guidance, genius insight, intuitive goodness and rich love energy directed entirely at YOU.  I'm creating what I want in this world, and right now it's brave warrior super joy.  

Reply to this email to set up a clarity call, and hear details on this transformative program You know you want to feel better.  



Recently my daughter and I had a long talk that drifted into exploring ‘forgiveness’. And to explore forgiveness we also had to look at judgment. We had to look at our family’s pattern of bonding in judgment. That is, connecting deeply with each other in small groups of two or three, and in those groups talking about people who aren’t with us…you know, because we’re ‘concerned’. This has been a fueling practice in our family; it’s a very well woven thread of communication. And it is painful to recognize that something I’ve considered ‘nourishing’ is actually all about separation.  It feels like when you’re trying really hard to wake up from a difficult dream but can’t quite bring yourself to consciousness.  

Neale Donald Walsch quotes God as saying that in order to understand the totality of the Formless we can think of looking at something tiny under a high power microscope. And imagine splitting that thing into tinier and tinier pieces. And then extrapolate from that to recognize that we are just like that tiny thing under the microscope and we are just as connected to everything around us, as are all the particles in the tiny thing under the scope. We are all One; we are all connected. This concept makes my brain hurt. And when it is applied to judgment and forgiveness it makes my heart hurt. 

Patterns and habits are passed down through generations, the same way that eye and hair color are. A recent scientific study proved that fear and anxiety are passed down in sperm. If you can inherit freckles, how can you avoid lifestyle habits? They are just as much a part of your parents as height and build. The difficulty is that we’re all laboring under the false delusion that we are separate beings and that our thoughts are right, important, helpful, and useful. And many of our thoughts and ideas ARE helpful and useful, but the illusion we’ve been creating as humanity is based in separation and comparison thinking. It is largely blind to the Universe’s best efforts to unfold its magic to us. Thinking about separation keeps us separate. 

I’ve been reading (again) Vishen Lakhiani’s wonderful book ‘The Code of the Extraordinary Mind’. One of the hacks that Vishen tries to get to optimal brain function is a brain training program called ’40 Years of Zen’. The program touts that in five days you’ll realize as much gain in your brain wave activity as you would through many years of meditation. For $15,000 you too can realize these benefits through the ‘very hard work’ of meditating for five days. None of the marketing materials reveal the secret to the content—the main focus of it all is forgiveness. You spend five days forgiving everyone who wronged you, watching your brain grow stronger and lighter as you release bigger and bigger hurts. 

When we point a finger at another, we’re jabbing them emotionally. And have four fingers jabbing right back at ourselves.  

A Course in Miracles states, "Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world. I would remember this, as I want to be happy." This lesson comes right after “I am the Light of the World”, so there’s a link. As long as I carry around negative projections, judgments, expectations and habits I am building the experience of more of THAT for myself. It’s easier to understand this idea when I think about how I have harshed on others and how releasing myself from that can give me more room to enjoy them and love them. “Nothing others do or say is about you” says one of don Miguel Ruiz's Four Agreements. 

It is much harder to forgive myself. Places where I struggle with shame or failure energy eat me up and I feel frozen—separate. The first place this made sense to me was in my parenting. I made a lot of mistakes. I struggled. And years later I regretted the things I did wrong, and sometimes would cry about my mistakes in front of my daughters, shame and pain bubbling up in me in hot wet tears. This made each of them very uncomfortable. They don’t like it when I cry about my parenting, because they then feel obligated to ‘absolve’ me from my pain and that means they have to focus on what I did wrong, and try to make it right or make it go away. Since I did a lot of things right, they feel better when they are focused on those parts of my parenting. Focusing on the parts where I got it wrong makes all of us feel separate. Focusing on how we got through the challenges and love each other very much and feel supportive to each other makes us feel connected. 

Which is what we are. Connected.

Need a personal reset? I have two options right now. 

Habit Camp: Six weeks to a new skill set! Release and reframe ANY habit that is no longer serving you. Yes, this includes addictions to social media. Is sugar your demon, or do you struggle with a toxic or co-dependent relationship? We tackle that. Alcohol? It doesn't need to be shameful, just regroup on it.  A habit refresh. Everyone needs this at least once a year.  $1597.  Reply to this email with questions, or text me at (503)998-8902. 

Super Fuel: It's personal. I like my smoothie with my personally selected ingredients, and I like my coaching that way too. You'll step into connection with your super powers. Excavate your long held trauma and replace it with confident, clear-headed happiness. Heal your habits, your diet, your environment, and your relationships. You'll right size and recreate yourself in a program that deeply serves YOU. Bonus: Create a mindfulness practice that will sustain you in ALL weathers. The program I wanted for myself.  It's close to perfect. $2897. Payment plans available. 


I struggled with anxiety for years, considering myself a victim of a physiological disorder of unknown origin. I had my first anxiety attack when I was 25. Almost drove off the road in a panic once when I was going through my divorce. 

I have felt betrayed by my body more times than I can even count. At one point I was attending yoga practices with it and I could plow through a 90-minute power vinyasa yoga class and STILL be in a panic at savasana. 

What is anxiety?

It happens when you are living out of alignment with your purpose or gifts. It is the experience of being flooded. Thoughts about the past or worries about the future pull you out of being in the ‘now'. There’s a full set of physiological symptoms, yes. But your mind governs your body…it is your mind and what you are doing with it that is giving you that anxiety. Well, it’s not just how you handle your head…it’s what you do about the physiological symptoms too. Medication left me feeling flat and a little stupid. Alcohol was a common go to, but the devil in that ‘prescription’ is that it soothes up front, but creates even more anxiety after the fact! Complaining discharges energy but is not a solution; it's just spreading negative energy around. Yoga always helped, as did being in nature, and laughing. 

Whether I like it or not, my body is teaching me lessons the very hard way so that I can share them more widely. This means I took one for the team with all my anxiety. You’re welcome.

What works? A combination of practice and magic. 

I’ve been studying the work of leading edge doctors like Kelly Brogan and am all about the path of eliminating toxins, food as medicine, and body wisdom as first line treatments.  

If it’s an actual panic attack, acupuncture. Acupuncture is my go-to for calming the nervous system down in a crisis. Sometimes I get anxiety reactions after I have eaten trigger foods. Days 2 and 3 of recovery from a trigger attack can be anxious, and here acupuncture really helps.  

Daily practices are the place where I’ve really gained ground in taming this tiger. First and foremost, I meditate every day. If you are bothered by a monkey mind, establish a dedicated meditation practice. Mental floss. You’re constantly caught up in your busy head and you think it’s got the solution to your problems. Newsflash—it doesn’t. Your intuition will only whisper to you if you are really quiet. It is like a shy child that will never raise her hand, she simply waits in the back to be called on, hoping you decide she has something to say. 

A clean diet and a plan for getting back to clean when I fall off are also essential, as is a curated supplement regimen. Stress and autoimmune issues have left me with a fragile gut and I feed it exactly what it needs every day. Basically I turned my thinking about my body inside out; I now see that my body is in service to ME and I have to take care of it so it can do the work I need it to do. 

Finding and healing trauma in the body is another piece of my healing protocol.  And creating and experiencing joy. My sister and I were talking recently and observed that our parents didn’t teach us to pursue ‘joy’. Seems odd that you’d have to be taught that? But it's a wonderful lesson to study! 

All this work has yielded a body and mind that are supple, resilient and happy. Anxiety cannot hurt me, it is but a tiny mosquito now. 


Be Happy Hour

I’ve been working with a Reiki practitioner for a few months. She's in Colorado, so we meet on the phone. After the first session I was hooked, and knew I needed to make it a regular practice. We wrestled with time zone and schedule issues, looking for a steady spot. Having appointments at predictable times lets my subconscious expect the self-care that is coming. It’s like giving myself a present. Finally, we found it—Friday afternoons. Once a month, I settle into my meditation chair and talk to Andi for a glorious healing hour—cutting cords, resetting my energy, cleaning up spiritual me. I love it. It energizes me perfectly for the weekend ahead. 
The more I turn to thoughtfully planned self-care, the more energy I have for everything else. And when I make it happen on Fridays or Saturdays it feels like sweet luxury, even if it’s just a maintenance manicure. I block my schedule around my yoga practice, and I get up early enough each day to have time for journaling and meditation. As I’ve built these practices into my life, at times it has felt like too much. It’s the opposite of what I was trained into, the way I worked and lived for most of my life. But in most of those years I was working on others’ dreams, and frequently ruled by performance anxiety. I was fueled by accomplishment, not by creation or allowing. It felt paradoxical to build my work around self-care, but the proof of the value of it is in the love and magic that caring for self brings back to me; and it brings me more business too.
Yesterday I left a shoulder rehab appointment and went straight to the grocery store. I felt cared for by the shoulder work, and happy about the evening ahead. For many years as a busy single mom, I abhorred going to the grocery store in the afternoons. I have a physical memory of going into the story over busy and stressed with both my girls hanging on me, hungry, tired and bickering. You’d think I’d be over it, but I still avoid the grocery store after 12 PM—even on the weekends! Except yesterday, I didn’t. I felt peaceful and happy as I drove up. And inside the store I ran into three people I knew, all happy exchanges. One of them had a lead on a venue for a project I’m working on!
Miracles are everyone’s right, says A Course in Miracles. Purification is necessary first. 
I've started calling Friday self-care my “Be Happy Hour”. And I get so much out of it that I’ve created a way that YOU can have it with me! I’ve added two Friday Be Happy Hour slots into my newest package, Super Fuel. If you are looking for a way to care for yourself that is structured, creative, powerful and super nourishing—I’ve got the offer for you. It’s a deep dive into the best practices I’ve learned to break those mental habits and supercharge your own self-care into steady, sustainable results. Super Fuel is the exact set of practices I’ve used to heal from autoimmune illness, relationship trauma, habit behaviors that weren’t serving me, a victim mindset, depression, and anxiety. And it’s the Rx I return to time and again when I get triggered or stuck. 
This is a combination of boot camp and deep soul nourishment. Give yourself the gift of healing into absolute wholeness. Create a personalized Rx you can repeat when you need it.  
If you feel like you get two steps forward then fall back again, and yearn to be more for yourself and the people in your life…we need to talk! Text me at (503)998-8902 or reply to this email. Life is right now, and you deserve to be serving at your highest level! That happens when you feel fully grounded and fed.


I LOVE Insight Timer, a free meditation app. I might even say ‘THE’ free meditation app. Thousands of meditations of every length from 1 minute to 2 hours or more, all searchable by topic or teacher. If you yearn to start a meditation practice, download the app today and join my group, Daily Practice. I give prompts, guidance and share my favorite meditations. 
Meditation is simple, but it is not easy. For years I found it an irritating monkey mind experience where I had an eye on the timer. What was on the other side? I’d think. Probably nothing.

Eventually, I broke through. It's joy when I sit, and I am loathe to leave the cushion.

Being alone with yourself is hard, until you push past the layer of your head and see that being alone with you gives you access to Everything. And then you take that abundant experience out into the world to share, and you are giving from a full well. You give, and it comes back. Universal law.

MEDITATION is a path to healing. 

Add this tool to your arsenal so that you can go up against your mental and physical demons with confidence that you can right-size those enemies and feel happy joy in your life and body. Meditation is an essential practice to aid in freeing you from shackled thoughts, and feed you calm oneness.

All you have to lose is your obsession with your own head.  www.insighttimer.comJoin us today!

Habit Camp Failure

My last Habit Camp really did not flourish. And it took me several weeks to figure out why! 

A few days ago a brilliant mindset teacher reached out o offer me her thousand dollar digital boot camp at a deep discount, in exchange for a testimonial. I was honored, as I love her juicy livestreams. 

But I knew almost immediately that I didn’t want to buy. Because I don’t get real lasting change from digital content. I need to be witnessed to see my big blocks, I need to be held, and held accountable, to be healed. I can’t see where I’m stuck the way someone else can.

I get more out of my personal coaching time with my coach each week than I do out of anything she posts or writes, even though I understand that she creates all of her content through great effort, and it is truly worth a lot of money. 

I’m kind of a blockhead but I finally understand that my ego is all of my best smarts working against me, and when it partners up with fear and resistance, I’m easy prey. I’ve spent over twenty years studying personal evolution and habit management, and I know all the tricks and turns. And  yet I still get felled by my own well-meaning head and my long held subconscious soothing patterns. 

There’s a trend in coaching that has everyone delivering free content all the time. “Don’t outspend, out teach” said one great coach recently. I have been following that guidance, delivering content for free or at low cost. But with the offer from the mindset coach, my lightbulb went off.  All my content is great, but it won’t create transformative change without personalized interpretation and guidance.  You need to commit to change or else. That means in it to win it. Period, the end. 

If you are working on habit control, you are working on the deepest parts of your own subconscious, where blocks and tangles were building from a very early age.  We don’t consciously create our stuck places and soothing habits, we do so to protect and nurture ourselves. We create those habits to help heal ourselves, so in attempting to release them we are working against our own most powerful intelligence! It’s nearly impossible. 

So, I launched this camp and I was pretty fired up about it, but within a week it was clear that people were not engaging much. I didn’t take it personally because I know the content is good. It's awesome! I just puzzled on what to fix. I offered a group call, and there was a little flutter about that, but only a few aha moments, only a few engagements off every post. It felt like a husk of a class, not substantive enough for the group of brilliant humans I've got in the class. 

Transformative change is what we all want. We all want to feel better, calm, clear, empowered—ON. Am I right? Well, that takes WORK. It takes hard work, and it takes time. You cannot buy it for $125. You can buy content for $125. But you might as well just print out all the material in workbooks and tape the pages to yourself as a costume for all the good it will do you unless you get motivated, by seeing what is possible and knowing you can have that too. It takes hungering enough to to create all new habit patterns for yourself and making them the new norm. And that takes personalized awareness, tools and consistent effort.

I thought that it was helpful and smart to offer all my richly developed content in a low-cost private format. But looking at it through the eyes of a learner, I know that what I offered would not work for me! I need to teach what I learned in the way I learned it…with support and interpretation.  Habit Camp is getting a big refresh. The practices are THE prescription for habit healing. If you're stuck, take a look at what's coming up. 


  • Six weeks.
  • Two 1:1 calls with me--these will get you looking at exactly what you need to work on, in detail.
  • Six group calls. We're in this together, and we learn from one another. We're all students of this process.
  • Six lessons. Of course there will be workbooks, but they are here to support the group and 1:1 work. A manual, if you will.
  • A private, supported group.

A new, engaged camp designed to help you find and excavate those blocks and feel the lightness and release of them in a sustainable way. A net you can trust to hold you while you get into those deep patterns and untangle them, for GOOD.

Real, sustainable change. $1297--payment plans available. 


One of my friends is moving to Bend and came in recently for a two-week stint of house hunting and groundwork. Housing is in short supply here; her search was frustrating. A few days in she emotionally said, “I just want to feel settled.”

We all know this feeling. It’s a feeling of being at home. We’re in our self-created space, where we can breathe in order, and predictability. With the structure of ‘home' in place, we are grounded and from that, we can tune into creativity. Lately in yoga, my teacher will say, after we’ve done the hard work and are out of our heads,  ‘Welcome Home’. Our bodies are our home, though our busy minds obscure our connection with peaceful humming awareness. It’s on us to do the work—practices, meditation, sleep hygiene, healthy eating—to keep that ‘home’ running smoothly. 

Do the work to maintain ALL of your houses—body, mind and spirit. Practice within structure gives you a place to grow, and to rest too. Throw in a little feng shui for your home space too, because the beauty and order we create in our lives is reflected right back to us.  

Do you Love your Brain?

When I owned a yoga studio my favorite thing in the world was to receive people as they emerged from the studio after class. They were transformed: lighter, brighter, more calm. All of my business’ practices distilled down to a love of that: facilitating people accessing a layer they could not get to alone, some good sweat, some inner calm. Feeling better expands our energy and our world view, and that good energy creates, fuels, and heals. 

Last Friday I went to a benefit yoga class for the Love Your Brain Foundation. Attended by former elite snowboarder Kevin Pearce and his brother Adam, the class was part of a tour called “Mindful March”, a partnership between the Love Your Brain Foundation and Lululemon. You may already be familiar with the story behind Love Your Brain. Kevin Pearce suffered a TBI while training for the Vancouver Olympics in 2009. At the time a documentary crew was creating a movie about his life. That movie became the  documentary ‘The Crash Reel’ which details Kevin’s long path from the injury to a new life as a galvanizing activist for TBI support and recovery. Kevin and his family have created the Love Your Brain Foundation which funds mindfulness training and support for TBI patients and their caregivers. Mindful March is a partnership between Love Your Brain and Lululemon and includes events all across the U.S. and screenings of a new short film about the foundation. 

The energy at the class and around Kevin and Adam was all love, calm and healing. Their message about mindfulness for TBI got me thinking. Trauma responds to mindfulness, and so does inflammation. And we’re all inflamed. If your diet is (almost) perfect, and you’re exercising several times a week, and flossing…are you also taking time to calm your brain? Two essential practices for this are excellent sleep hygiene and meditation.  If you need a refresh on either, here are my best tips. 


If you don’t have a meditation practice, there are lots of apps you can try that have meditations as short as one minute! I recently did a 7 day trial of CALM which not only has meditations it also has ‘sleep stories’ which are exactly what they sound like--soothing stories that encourage you to drift off to slumber. My current favorite app is Insight Timer which has over 4000 free meditations and a self-directed option with a timer. I'm also a fan of the 21 day free challenges sponsored by the Chopra Center; their meditations are perfect for beginners--themed, short and lovely. The next challenge starts April 10th! If you don't know where to begin, simply sit quietly for two minutes today and observe your breath. If you have one breath free of thought, you are golden. 

Sleep Hygiene

Guard your sleep the way you'd guard a newborn baby! 

Here's my routine:  

  • I sleep in complete darkness. 
  • I close the door of my bedroom to disconnect from the energetic parts of my house. 
  • Window open for fresh air unless it's too cold 
  • I keep my bedroom clean and organized at all times. 
  • I air out my sheets each morning. Open the windows and refresh the room. 
  • I spray rosewater on my bed before I make it. 
  • At least 6 hours of sleep, preferably 7 or 8

No worrying after 8. If you think you can't do this, we should talk. I taught myself to do this when my teenage daughter was a complete train wreck. Worrying is praying for what you don't want. Very destructive at night. 

No stressful phone calls after 8 pm. Preferably no phone calls at all. 

If I have a stressful interaction, I sage myself afterward with a sage stick. I just wave it around myself and then wet the stick in the sink. I keep my sage stick in my sterling silver baby cup right by the kitchen sink for this reason. 

No email, FB or web surfing at night after 8. Tough to do in our smartphone world, but it really makes a difference in my heart rate/anxiety level. 

When I moved into my apartment the bedroom had weird energy. I worked hard to calm it down. I have been to the crystal store several times and keep a couple of different crystals in my bedroom for energetic cleansing. The one that cleaned up the bedroom was black tourmaline. 

No eating late. I sometimes eat late dinners after evening yoga practices but I keep an eye on the clock and do my best to finish eating by 8. Yes, really. Even on weekends. 

During a tough time a few years ago I got into the habit of bringing my plush bathrobe into my bedroom like a blankie. I put it on top of my bed. Still do this every night. It holds good energy. Yes, I had a blanket when I was a child. 

If stressed or amped up, I listen to 'Yoga Nidra' sessions on my meditation app. 

The world wants you to feel your best so you can bring your brightest light each day. You alone can take care of these tender parts of yourself.  Work on your sleep hygiene tonight. 

Habit Camp

"I never thought about it that way!"

--One of my Habit Camp participants realizing how deeply held her habits are, and how they are holding her back from full power!

Do you wonder what life would be like or how much energy you'd have if you could stop being stuck in your head or spending time trying to tame your habits? GUILT is a huge waste of time. Are you emotionally eating, carrying around a sugar habit, having one too many glasses of wine, can't get that workout routine off the ground? Hanging out on the internet?

What else is possible? Break those chains, and find out. All the wonderful input from my current camp participants is informing creation of a brand new program, which starts in April! Interested? Let me know.