Habit Camp Failure

My last Habit Camp really did not flourish. And it took me several weeks to figure out why! 

A few days ago a brilliant mindset teacher reached out o offer me her thousand dollar digital boot camp at a deep discount, in exchange for a testimonial. I was honored, as I love her juicy livestreams. 

But I knew almost immediately that I didn’t want to buy. Because I don’t get real lasting change from digital content. I need to be witnessed to see my big blocks, I need to be held, and held accountable, to be healed. I can’t see where I’m stuck the way someone else can.

I get more out of my personal coaching time with my coach each week than I do out of anything she posts or writes, even though I understand that she creates all of her content through great effort, and it is truly worth a lot of money. 

I’m kind of a blockhead but I finally understand that my ego is all of my best smarts working against me, and when it partners up with fear and resistance, I’m easy prey. I’ve spent over twenty years studying personal evolution and habit management, and I know all the tricks and turns. And  yet I still get felled by my own well-meaning head and my long held subconscious soothing patterns. 

There’s a trend in coaching that has everyone delivering free content all the time. “Don’t outspend, out teach” said one great coach recently. I have been following that guidance, delivering content for free or at low cost. But with the offer from the mindset coach, my lightbulb went off.  All my content is great, but it won’t create transformative change without personalized interpretation and guidance.  You need to commit to change or else. That means in it to win it. Period, the end. 

If you are working on habit control, you are working on the deepest parts of your own subconscious, where blocks and tangles were building from a very early age.  We don’t consciously create our stuck places and soothing habits, we do so to protect and nurture ourselves. We create those habits to help heal ourselves, so in attempting to release them we are working against our own most powerful intelligence! It’s nearly impossible. 

So, I launched this camp and I was pretty fired up about it, but within a week it was clear that people were not engaging much. I didn’t take it personally because I know the content is good. It's awesome! I just puzzled on what to fix. I offered a group call, and there was a little flutter about that, but only a few aha moments, only a few engagements off every post. It felt like a husk of a class, not substantive enough for the group of brilliant humans I've got in the class. 

Transformative change is what we all want. We all want to feel better, calm, clear, empowered—ON. Am I right? Well, that takes WORK. It takes hard work, and it takes time. You cannot buy it for $125. You can buy content for $125. But you might as well just print out all the material in workbooks and tape the pages to yourself as a costume for all the good it will do you unless you get motivated, by seeing what is possible and knowing you can have that too. It takes hungering enough to to create all new habit patterns for yourself and making them the new norm. And that takes personalized awareness, tools and consistent effort.

I thought that it was helpful and smart to offer all my richly developed content in a low-cost private format. But looking at it through the eyes of a learner, I know that what I offered would not work for me! I need to teach what I learned in the way I learned it…with support and interpretation.  Habit Camp is getting a big refresh. The practices are THE prescription for habit healing. If you're stuck, take a look at what's coming up. 


  • Six weeks.
  • Two 1:1 calls with me--these will get you looking at exactly what you need to work on, in detail.
  • Six group calls. We're in this together, and we learn from one another. We're all students of this process.
  • Six lessons. Of course there will be workbooks, but they are here to support the group and 1:1 work. A manual, if you will.
  • A private, supported group.

A new, engaged camp designed to help you find and excavate those blocks and feel the lightness and release of them in a sustainable way. A net you can trust to hold you while you get into those deep patterns and untangle them, for GOOD.

Real, sustainable change. $1297--payment plans available. 


One of my friends is moving to Bend and came in recently for a two-week stint of house hunting and groundwork. Housing is in short supply here; her search was frustrating. A few days in she emotionally said, “I just want to feel settled.”

We all know this feeling. It’s a feeling of being at home. We’re in our self-created space, where we can breathe in order, and predictability. With the structure of ‘home' in place, we are grounded and from that, we can tune into creativity. Lately in yoga, my teacher will say, after we’ve done the hard work and are out of our heads,  ‘Welcome Home’. Our bodies are our home, though our busy minds obscure our connection with peaceful humming awareness. It’s on us to do the work—practices, meditation, sleep hygiene, healthy eating—to keep that ‘home’ running smoothly. 

Do the work to maintain ALL of your houses—body, mind and spirit. Practice within structure gives you a place to grow, and to rest too. Throw in a little feng shui for your home space too, because the beauty and order we create in our lives is reflected right back to us.