Be Happy Hour

I’ve been working with a Reiki practitioner for a few months. She's in Colorado, so we meet on the phone. After the first session I was hooked, and knew I needed to make it a regular practice. We wrestled with time zone and schedule issues, looking for a steady spot. Having appointments at predictable times lets my subconscious expect the self-care that is coming. It’s like giving myself a present. Finally, we found it—Friday afternoons. Once a month, I settle into my meditation chair and talk to Andi for a glorious healing hour—cutting cords, resetting my energy, cleaning up spiritual me. I love it. It energizes me perfectly for the weekend ahead. 
The more I turn to thoughtfully planned self-care, the more energy I have for everything else. And when I make it happen on Fridays or Saturdays it feels like sweet luxury, even if it’s just a maintenance manicure. I block my schedule around my yoga practice, and I get up early enough each day to have time for journaling and meditation. As I’ve built these practices into my life, at times it has felt like too much. It’s the opposite of what I was trained into, the way I worked and lived for most of my life. But in most of those years I was working on others’ dreams, and frequently ruled by performance anxiety. I was fueled by accomplishment, not by creation or allowing. It felt paradoxical to build my work around self-care, but the proof of the value of it is in the love and magic that caring for self brings back to me; and it brings me more business too.
Yesterday I left a shoulder rehab appointment and went straight to the grocery store. I felt cared for by the shoulder work, and happy about the evening ahead. For many years as a busy single mom, I abhorred going to the grocery store in the afternoons. I have a physical memory of going into the story over busy and stressed with both my girls hanging on me, hungry, tired and bickering. You’d think I’d be over it, but I still avoid the grocery store after 12 PM—even on the weekends! Except yesterday, I didn’t. I felt peaceful and happy as I drove up. And inside the store I ran into three people I knew, all happy exchanges. One of them had a lead on a venue for a project I’m working on!
Miracles are everyone’s right, says A Course in Miracles. Purification is necessary first. 
I've started calling Friday self-care my “Be Happy Hour”. And I get so much out of it that I’ve created a way that YOU can have it with me! I’ve added two Friday Be Happy Hour slots into my newest package, Super Fuel. If you are looking for a way to care for yourself that is structured, creative, powerful and super nourishing—I’ve got the offer for you. It’s a deep dive into the best practices I’ve learned to break those mental habits and supercharge your own self-care into steady, sustainable results. Super Fuel is the exact set of practices I’ve used to heal from autoimmune illness, relationship trauma, habit behaviors that weren’t serving me, a victim mindset, depression, and anxiety. And it’s the Rx I return to time and again when I get triggered or stuck. 
This is a combination of boot camp and deep soul nourishment. Give yourself the gift of healing into absolute wholeness. Create a personalized Rx you can repeat when you need it.  
If you feel like you get two steps forward then fall back again, and yearn to be more for yourself and the people in your life…we need to talk! Text me at (503)998-8902 or reply to this email. Life is right now, and you deserve to be serving at your highest level! That happens when you feel fully grounded and fed.


I LOVE Insight Timer, a free meditation app. I might even say ‘THE’ free meditation app. Thousands of meditations of every length from 1 minute to 2 hours or more, all searchable by topic or teacher. If you yearn to start a meditation practice, download the app today and join my group, Daily Practice. I give prompts, guidance and share my favorite meditations. 
Meditation is simple, but it is not easy. For years I found it an irritating monkey mind experience where I had an eye on the timer. What was on the other side? I’d think. Probably nothing.

Eventually, I broke through. It's joy when I sit, and I am loathe to leave the cushion.

Being alone with yourself is hard, until you push past the layer of your head and see that being alone with you gives you access to Everything. And then you take that abundant experience out into the world to share, and you are giving from a full well. You give, and it comes back. Universal law.

MEDITATION is a path to healing. 

Add this tool to your arsenal so that you can go up against your mental and physical demons with confidence that you can right-size those enemies and feel happy joy in your life and body. Meditation is an essential practice to aid in freeing you from shackled thoughts, and feed you calm oneness.

All you have to lose is your obsession with your own head.  www.insighttimer.comJoin us today!