Are you a fountain of joy 24/7?  I talked to three moms who struggled on Mother’s Day—whining kids, insensitive spouses, lazy plans, no one calling. Plus the thief of joy atmosphere on Facebook where everyone apparently has the most ‘amazing’ mom. GAH! 

Let’s talk for a minute about the pit of mental despair. My daughter texted me the other day: “I’m having a bad day.” So we hopped on the phone. She played her greatest hits: I’m lonely, I eat too much ice cream. I don’t know my purpose in life. Is it normal, she asked, to feel at odds with everything?
Yes, it is completely normal. It is also very much a choice to allow negative thoughts and feelings to lead you down the garden path. Sometimes feeling positive is a choice you need to concertedly make, against the will of your own mind.
I just finished reading ‘Option B’ by Sheryl Sandberg. In the chapter ‘Taking Back Joy’ she quotes human rights activist Shannon Sedgwick Davis, “Joy is a discipline.”  If you are not feeling it, or are feeling the exact opposite, it’s more than a distant memory. It’s a foreign idea. Once you’re in touch with it again, the effervescence is expansive and nourishing. But when the light is out, what the hell should you do? It can feel like you are trying to turn a runaway train.
Being in bootcamp for your brain means you consciously recognize those times when you’re down and take all the steps you need to get back to 100%.You turn your mind around using the same approach you take to having missed a few workouts or falling off a healthy eating program. Disciplined practice. 
Also, if your body is off, your mind is down. If you’ve fallen off your healthy eating program or have been partying, if you’re triggered from eating the wrong foods, if your sleep is disrupted-- your mind is going to be offline, inflamed, cranky, despondent.

Taking joy back is as simple as bringing your body back, and retraining your mind. 

It's just your mind?

Here's your Rx. Fierce Joy. Practice joy until you feel it. 

  • Find a joy accountability partner and agree to hold each other accountable about joy--trade joyful images by the end of any day you need to do a 911 joy practice
  • Get outside--nature heals
  • Give your brain something different to do--art, music, playing a game. 
  • Humor--such a great cure for everything! 
  • Meditate

Your body took your brain offline?

Rx: Do not listen to the mind until you bring the body back. 

  • Manage your inputs. Limit social media and ALL media. Curate your phone calls.

  • No time with energy vampires
  • Nourishing, healing meals.  
  • Sleep
  • Meditate
  • Exercise/practice yoga
  • I usually need to follow this formula for at least 48 hrs before I break through. 

Joy is your birthright! The more you focus on joy in your work and service, the more flow, peace, and happiness come easily to you. Ever notice how the minute you let a stress go that's when the problem resolves?

Joy is an essential discipline. When you lose it, fiercely take it back.  

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