Changing Vibration

Years ago, while visiting a friend in Santa Fe I heard a set of CDs titled ‘Trance Planet’. Curated by KCRW producer Tom Schnabel, they were groundbreaking compilations of world music. Thoughtfully researched, they had the best liner notes and every track on every album was spectacular. I lapped them up and I still have the CDs today, even though the only CD player I have is in my car (and I usually plug my phone in for music even there). The songs are jewels of musical wonder that give me, still, a feeling of magic, expansiveness, and love. 

Recently my spectacular DJ yoga teacher began playing a haunting African song in one of her classes. She’s always playing funky stuff and I follow her playlists on Spotify so the first few times I heard it I just listened joyfully. But something about that one track really stuck with me. I wanted to know who it was; so I asked her. When I looked up the artist I realized that the album from which the track was drawn also included an iconic track from one of the Trance Planets. The artist is one of Kenya’s most well-known musicians, Ayub Ogaba.  

Whether you’re into music or not, my takeaway from this is that when a download comes from the Universe, if you are in alignment for that energy, it’s quite pure. The African musician was very lined up when he recorded that album. The tracks on it captivate me as a listener now just as they did almost twenty years ago. The rhythm and ear poetry they offer unravels me from the miasma of my own heavy thinking. 
My own thinking is fascinating to me, but I see a bigger picture when I unplug from it and allow guidance. 

Yesterday my daughter called me; she was upset. Generally, she can’t topple my mood these days but there are a few hot-button topics that can pierce my veil. She hit one, and I could feel the tide of emotion rising in me. I went from grounded and calm to fight or flight/wanting to control in about 30 seconds. I could see it happening. Years of training on my relationship with her kicked in and I said the right things to get us off the phone calmly. We texted and emailed later to make progress. But in the moment I was on fire. I was sad, mad, triggered and could only see MY solution to HER issues. 

When caught in a tide of emotion, the hardest thing to do is to right your ship back into a positive vibration. This is where quantum physics really pisses me off. I don’t want to fix my vibration, I want the world to fix it for me. World, please serve up some sunshine in HUGE doses when I feel like crap. 

One of my friends had a terrible day. Already at a heightened level of stress, a project at her house went awry and she got super triggered by it. She called me, 911 style. When we hopped on the phone I could almost hear her hair on fire. The next morning she debriefed it a little bit.

“I am mad at about 9 different people right now. Why is everyone being so irritating?” 

Me: Do you want an honest answer? 

Her: Yes. 

Me: Because you are vibrating ‘irritated’. Everyone around you is responding to that vibration. 

Her: Gah! That is both genius and irritating! 

She has to change her vibration if she wants to see ‘happy’ or ‘calm’.  

On a day to day level, this advice is akin to "get your workout in" or "take your supplements". You have to manage your vibration. Daily. When you do, the world serves you more of what you vibrate…happiness, peace, joy, abundance, health. We all have vibrations that we unconsciously, easily manage. Do you avoid colds while others suffer? Always find a parking place? My ex-husband has a knack for finding traffic in the oddest places. Recently our daughter graduated from college. We were all staying in downtown Portland which is about a ten-minute drive from the Rose Quarter where the ceremony was being held. A ten-minute drive on a quiet, sunny Saturday. He got caught in traffic. My daughters tease me about always making friends with customer service people in stores and restaurants. I always find nice servers and salespeople. This is vibration. When it feels good, it feels very very good. 

But when it feels bad, it feels horrid. And living in the world we can’t predict when we’re going to get hit by the next wave. You have to do preventive maintenance on your vibration so that you’re prepared to handle the challenges that come to you.

And more than that, you need to recognize that the higher you vibe, the better the downloads. That takes me back to the African musician. When he wrote that music, on the ‘music’ level he was vibing with purity. Maybe he had challenges in other parts of his life, we don’t know. But he lined up, and he got that download, and his work still resonates today.   

If you do the work to get out of your head—meditation, journaling, dedicated self-care—the benefits are immense. Not only will you feel strong, resilient, capable and positive, you will also be in line for better divine downloads. When you line up the Universe says, "Oh, we've got a player!"

If you think this is BS, I challenge you to go right now to look at a piece of art or read a page from a novel you love, or listen to music you adore. You relate to the work because it is informed by the Divine. It was a download. 

Miracles are everyone’s right, says A Course in Miracles. 

Purification is necessary first. 

Clean up your act and line up for better downloads by remembering your thoughts are NOT you, and they can be tamed and calmed through a steady diet of meditation, exercise, sleep, nourishment and 1:1 healing conversations.