Courage is Contagious

Last night I watched Gretchen Carlson’s talk from the recent TEDWomen conference in New Orleans. She talked about July 6, 2016 as the day she jumped off a cliff. Taking an enormous personal risk, she filed a lawsuit against her former boss, Fox News' Roger Ailes, for wrongful termination after sexual harassment. She had no idea what would happen. 

Once the news was made public, she began hearing from women all over the world who’ve been similarly been sexually harassed at their places of employment. Her new cause, Being Fierce, was born. After initial absolute denial about the validity of the suit, Roger Ailes settled with Ms. Carlson a mere two months later, for twenty million dollars. She recently published a book, and is now a leading advocate in the swelling movement sweeping our country. She rode her courage to power and fulfillment.

But when she made the choice to file the suit against Mr. Ailes, she did not have that platform. Terminated by Fox, she reached into her heart for the strength to stand up for herself. She privately met with attorneys and documented her experience. She listened to her own brave voice as she prepared to file. Deciding to be a trailblazer is lonely at the head of the trail. Whether you are Gretchen Carlson, a marathon runner looking to push past World records, Kim Dinan, who wrote the book I'm reading--a true story about a global traveler setting out on an unusual mission, or a simple human being seeking to fulfill your personal purpose, choosing to buck the herd is a challenging path. 

Yet, it is essential. And the deeper I go in my own coaching work, the more I am called to share my mission of healing by mentoring others who might be hearing the same call I heard. 

If you are curious about coaching, you may be thinking, is this really a job? Seems either super weird or already an overcrowded field. Watching Amazon swallow the universe, and reading unsettling economic headlines you might feel it would be simpler to stay in commercial waters, stuff your anxieties and desire to help others--play by the rules. 

But if you have helped even one person this year, I ask you to turn to the feelings you had when you knew that person FELT BETTER as a result of your conversation with them. The world needs lightworkers. Fear and anxiety are epidemic in our society, and these are viruses that are nearly impossible to heal alone. We must be held to be healed. The world needs more coaches.  

Yesterday I went to the dentist and as they put the X-ray blanket on me I was reminded of an analogy I have turned to lately—that dark emotions are similar to a dental X-ray blanket on our bright spirits. Our lights shine brightly underneath, yet with our hands clasped in our laps under the weight of the blankets we do not shine and do not know how to cast off the weight. 

Coaching teaches the toolset that brings people into the light. It is powerful, lucrative, transformational and enormously self-healing. My coach training course teaches foundational tools, a brilliant customer service model (I learned it at Nordstrom!) and practical tips to get you launched with a product in three months.

The course is effective, magic, and grounded in corporate style logic. You do your own work as you learn to help others do theirs. As Gretchen Carlson said in the talk I saw last night, “Courage is contagious.” Find yours, and share it with others. 

Coach Training starts in January. Are you feeling the call to find out more? If yes, let’s talk.