How To Step Away From Judgment


At a party, the conversation drifted to Social media, a hot and sparky topic in my world. Whose feed do we like, whose content is on point, who is pushing too hard for followers? Within minutes we were dangerously close to full-blown judgment. We stopped ourselves. What was the goal?

Someone shared that in Hindu mythology Lord Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, carries a sword. One reason for this is to exercise discernment, which is considered an essential and challenging practice. Ganesh's sword slices away what is unimportant, including attachments we don’t need. This brings us into presence.

We looked at the why behind our analyzing and leaned away from judgment, which was right there waiting for us to stick a spoon in it, and into awareness. Learning, yes. Judgment, no. Awareness allows us to make conscious choices--choices that are INformed, meaning formed within, not in reflection. 

It's about leaning back into your own chair when the feelings get hot and feeling your own feelings. Not your reactions, your feelings. If you're in your feelings with love for yourself, you'll hear what needs to be expressed. 

I feel competitive. 
I feel unsure. 
I feel disappointed in myself. 
I feel I could do better. 


I need to get back in my lane. 
I'm engaging in this because it's interesting, but it's not important. 
Talking about this reminds me I'm good with what I'm doing. 
I'm okay. I'm good! 



On Saturday I found a comment on one of my coach training Facebook posts. "Do we need more unqualified coaches?", asked a bright coach who specializes in creative funnels. My post, she felt, sold the lifestyle of coaching, and is that something we should be doing? The market is saturated. "Maybe truly examine whether we need more unqualified ‘coaches’ and whether we feel in alignment of creating more coaches." 
The market for coaching programs is noisy. Mine is a boutique alternative, and there's no doubt that it belongs in the market. It's going into its 3rd year next year and truth be told, I wanted to drop it last summer. But it did not want to be called seekers to it, and that class graduated in October and is now and helping heal lives.
Last week I made a trailer about it for a local friend who wanted to market it to her mastermind. The content is on point for anyone thinking about coach training. Curious? I've linked it below. 
Enrollment is open now, and I have two spots left for the December bonus--an intuitive session with me! If you're called to coach, you're already coaching. Get the training you need to make it your life's work. 


What goes on in Life Coach Training? A peek behind the curtain. 

ELON MUSK AND OPRAH read a book a week. Do you? Here’s how. Brain coach Jim Kwik shares his method in this quick 3-minute Video. 

For my final 2017 newsletters, I'll be sharing few of my favorite things from this year, beginning with some of the best books I read in 2017. 

  • THE BIG LEAP by Gay Hendricks. Masterwork about how we all naturally sabotage ourselves and how we can release that pattern and spend more time in our Zone of Genius.
  • SHOE DOG by Phil Knight. Riveting read by the founder of Nike---edge of your seat storytelling about visionary thinking and near insane risk-taking.  
  • THE UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK by Gabrielle Bernstein. Practical and magical, this book includes a step by step process anyone can use to learn how to trust the Universe. As 'A Course in Miracles' says, “Miracles are natural. When they do not occur, something has gone wrong.” This book will open you up to interacting with the universe in a gentle yet profoundly powerful way. 
  • BECOMING SUPERNATURAL by Dr. Joe Dispenza, How common people are doing the uncommon to transform themselves and their lives. The case studies will give you chills! The final chapters are an inspiring exploration of his new venture, Project Coherence, which is a global healing project with the objective of raising the earth’s frequency to elevate our collective consciousness.