I Dreamed This, And Now It's True

One of my clients effervescently said to me this week, "I dreamed all this, and now it's coming true. Thank you so much." 

I can't take credit for making her dreams come true. But I do take credit for being the beacon to help her find her own light. I hear this kind of thing almost every day. The work of coaching is sacred...it is about holding space for others and seeing them in their own highest light. You do your OWN work as part of the process of learning how to help others. It is alchemical, transformational and deeply healing. 

It's what I teach. 

Another client contacted me recently--sweetest story! She's been struggling with autoimmune illness which naturally brought on depression. As part of her homework I've had her looking into how to cultivate pleasure--specifically find new hobbies. She started with art therapy, was thinking about music. One night she got on Wikipedia and searched on 'hobbies'. The list was long and fascinating. Her eye was immediately drawn to dowsing. DOWSING. I mean, would you ever? I thought maybe she'd get into ceramics. 

Well as a part of her new hobby she has now begun to identify the contaminants in and under her home that are contributing to her ongoing autoimmune illness. And guess what? She's getting better. 

I cannot make this stuff up.  This is my real job.  

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