It's About How To Tune Your Radio

At dinner with a friend the sparkly conversation roamed from her recent bike trip, to the art of conversational intimacy, to world religions, to, eventually, the challenge of staying positive in trying times. It’s the topic many of us run subconsciously all the time. 

On the Monday that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement I found tears welling in my eyes simply because for once on a Monday there was a bright piece of news to savor. A happy story rather than the brutal confusing headlines that leave me constantly reeling. Let there be light, I thought. Let me return to my routine of flipping on the radio in the morning to hear about current events. I remember my first days of listening to NPR when I was in college working mornings in a bakery. The soothing storytelling rhythm has been the soundtrack of my life for decades. Or it was. I turned the radio off over a year ago and rarely listen now. 

In times like these, we must look to our thought leaders to set the course for our own approach, because visionary thinking is a lantern in our darkness. And our thought leaders are not the news organizations that greedily grub for our air and brainwaves. Thought leaders are people like Marianne Williamson, who urge us to stay awake and involved yet also to not lose faith. People like Dr. Joe Dispenza, who is now broadcasting his teachings and workshops to a much broader audience so that more people can become alive to the power of their own brains and help bring about the transformation our world needs. 

The world is intensely noisy with instant stories, reactions, pithy commentary, and rapid-fire analysis and judgment. It’s intoxicating and fascinating. And depleting and discouraging. 

If you are feeling stuck in a story in your life, a challenging situation or belief set, a toxic relationship pattern, your own annoying hangups…it’s like plaque in your brain. It can feel that the anguish, anger, and fatigue are super glued to your cells. If you are feeling exhausted as a citizen, horrified by the cartoonishly awful headlines which seem to reach into a new corner of our beliefs and understandings each day, that too is like stuck on stress. A fog hiding your sunshine. 

Let those emotions to fuel your yearning to power through and push past them into the light. Into informed powerful action, a curiosity for happiness, and the grace that comes with understanding. Our thought leaders are not sitting around wringing their hands, they are giving from their best selves each and every day, and in that process they are being fueled energetically. They are leading a brilliant grassroots mission that will heal the virus of fear that has infected our modern world. 

Personal pain and world pain feel awfully similar. Pain is pain, and we labor under the delusion that negative emotions weigh more than positive emotions. I still don’t totally get the physics on this. But I know enough to say that if you are down, you HAVE to commit to righting yourself with every tool in your arsenal and every cell in your being until you feel strong, grounded, positive and percolated with happiness again. The world needs your joy, and it’s on you to uncover it. 

Write out the negative emotions by hand and then burn the paper. Sit for meditation as if your life depended on it, because it does. Discipline your mind and body so you wake up clear. Sweat your prayers. Nourish your happiness by investing in it—connecting with the people you love, giving time and resources to causes and people you cherish. The world NEEDS you to come alive. It’s never been more important.

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