Saving Parmigiano Reggiano--The Weirdness Of Mastery

Last night I watched the first episode of ‘Chef’s Table’ (I'm working backwards) which features Massimo Bottura, the proprietor of the 3rd best restaurant in the world, Osteria Francescana. After an earthquake in 2012 he developed the recipe for ‘risotto cacio e pepe’ to foster the sale of 360,000 damaged wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano—a recipe as a work of social justice. The recipe and sales preserved the industry.

His creativity in the kitchen is informed and fueled by his relationship with his wife, who is American. She introduced him to art and culture. He weaves his extraordinary palate into an artist’s approach to the plate. He is beyond compare, in that he is uniquely himself in his work and has made his passion his purpose. Watching this, I thought about the yoga class I had just attended. My friend and teacher Rebecca Bell returned from a winter vacation on Tuesday; last night was her first class back in town. 41 people attended, which is unusual for our town, particularly on a 23 degree winter night. Rebecca’s unique and challenging classes are masterpieces in choreography. She takes requests before every class. She never plans. She then combines all the requests into fast-paced Ashtanga based vinyasa yoga, linking up to 12 poses on a side. It’s all set to club level music. Participating in these classes is a commitment to your own transformation.

Mastery is deeply personal, and it is weird as hell. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I train coaches. I got some flak last month for a photograph I posted that marketed the laptop lifestyle. Do we need more unqualified coaches, the poster commented? The comment hit me in the feels mostly because it revealed my flawed advertising strategy. My zone of genius isn’t advertising. My posts about the course have suggested that if you feel the call to coach and take the class, in 3 months you can be out in the market with a product. I stand behind that claim. If you apply for the training and you get in, you can be selling a product with integrity in 3 months. You’ll be a newbie coach. You’re a long way from Mastery, but you’re on your way. But the value of this training is not reflected in social media postings or my homegrown ads.

If you are a person of extraordinary insight and empathy, a person who is curious about the quantum nature of the universe, and doing deep work on your own cultural or personal trauma, you might be interested in this course. If you want to work to help heal the dense and dysfunctional thinking that most of the world is engaged in, a person who is willing to turn inward to seek wisdom, and who wants in their bones to help others uncover their light and heal, then you might, maybe, want to take this course. If you are a person who is not intimidated by a reading list of ten books, who is willing to take massive action toward their big yet whispered dreams, and who wants to turn vulnerability into strength, then this course might be for you.

I am a voracious reader and student and always tuning in to what is happening in the marketplace.There are a lot of digital or part digital courses in my space. Smart..right? It’s smart thinking because you can leverage and reach more people. “More people” equals more business volume. And I have some courses that I think are a good fit for digital market. Coach Training is not one of them. My coach training course is Karate Kid style mentoring. It is intimate, it is amazing, it is transformational, and I am your only teacher. The reason that my teacher’s yoga classes fill up every night is that she delivers the goods in her own weird mastered way, and she developed that style because it healed HER. Massimo Bottura had a multi-country love affair with his wife Lara and wove her teachings into his unique approach to creating brilliant dishes. In June of 2016 there was a 3 1/2 month wait for a table at Osteria Francescana. After Chef’s Table hit Netflix I imagine that wait went up. Rebecca’s classes now regularly hit 40 people and sometimes over 60. I have been studying personal development and personalized healing for over 20 yrs; my methods work. If you go all the way out on a limb into the world, people want to understand..because it inspires THEM to take risks.

This is not coach "training". It is mentoring, it is an apprenticeship. If you want to become a coach, this is your course.

I give you the essential tools, and we create your path as a student of coaching which teaches you how to cultivate your own brand of Mastery. This is not for everyone. And it will never be digital. When you figure out how to do something truly unique and share it with others, people want it. You know if you want this, This is extraordinary curriculum.

It has the power to change —to even save lives--starting with yours. 2018 is here, and the world needs healing. I’m not here to mass market. I’m here to teach. Limited space--message me to talk it through. We start soon.