I'm Feeling Reconnected With The World Now

"I saw your post. It was so beautifully time. 
I have been putting these practices into place ever since we started. 
It’s what is getting me through. It is a reminder that when I open myself up and receive it is pouring in from everywhere that I look. "

"I need to stay in this zone."


THIS is how people talk about it. It changes lives.

"I’m feeling reconnected with the world now. Like I know what I can do to be happy. "

"Thank you. I don’t even need my therapist. My chest used to hurt all the time, and now it does not." 
Even typing this swells my heart. The world wants YOU, unlocked, happy and free. Living full out.

The work is MAGIC.

I work with people in two ways--

ONE to ONE. We go deep in a safe space to uncover your blocks, discharge, and release them. Nourishing, energizing and super fun. You'll love my homework.

GROUP TRAIING/MENTORING--Become a coach! Or simply deepen your own personal practices. Next group starts February 5th. Only a few spaces left--the group that is forming is amazing, brilliant, gifted. Need a tribe? C'mon in.

If you feel the call, you already know. It does not scream. It whispers, repeatedly. It wants your attention, and you want to expand. 2018 is a year of big expansion. Let's do this! PM me for details on either offer. 

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I have the cutest grown-up kids, including one whose texts are hilarious. Yep, I screen cap and post 'em!
I talk about more than coaching, and I share recipes. This week I made this delicious stew for a family going through a hard time. I used to hate quinoa, but it's growing on me! 
A post that got a lot of traction this week talked about mental illness--a conversation that needs to stay open. Has it affected your family? 

  • Self-discipline.
  • Self Care.
  • Self Nourishment....these are my pillars.

Let's focus on that last one for the weekend.
A round of self-nourishment for all.  XO