Welcome to Coach Training 2018

You have made a powerful decision to uplevel your life and work. So happy to have you on board. 

Here's what to expect next: 

  • You'll receive a Welcome Letter from me containing your syllabus, book list, call schedule, and information about our digital workspace. Our digital workspace will be in Dropbox, so if you do not already have an account please sign up for one (it's free!).

Welcome to Elation!

Here's what to expect next.  Our Facebook group opens on Monday April 30, and you'll be added on that day. If we are not already friends on Facebook, please friend request me.

Class starts on May 3, but I'll be packing resources into the group all next week--so jump in as early as Monday! 

Supplies--you will need a fresh, unused journal for this class. I like Moleskine blank books myself. 

Once you are in the Facebook group, please share your 'why' for joining us. We're creating a nourishing community (village is one of our tools!) and you'll naturally feel a little lighter and a lot more supported simply through sharing. 

This class is going to be a blast---fun, healing nourishing and strength building! Can't wait.