Nimble, Nourishing Coaching 

You're already busting it out! 

  • Your diet is healthy
  • You get tons of exercise
  • Your life is basically happy--maybe needs a few minor tweaks
  • You've got a mindfulness practice
  • You do your work--you're trying everything you can to heal and get your life in balance
  • You trust your own brilliance and cannot figure out why you cannot solve this problem. 



Despite all your best efforts, you are not feeling amazing.  Happiness eludes you, or feels ephemeral. Life knocks you off course. Often. It's frustrating--you know it could be different. 





  • On fire and in love with life! 
  • Super-powered and happy!
  • Peaceful and energized
  • Well rested
  • Not stuck in other peoples' business or feelings
  • Confident
  • Grounded
  • Armed with tools to handle everything life throws your way


Get off the hamster wheel of other people's strategies. 

Heal on YOUR terms with a plan that's specific to your individual needs.

How do you discover your own journey? How do you uncover what genuinely works for you? 

It's all about tuning in to your own inner genius and using its power for good. It's about bringing in a healer, a coach, who looks at the entire system, everything you're doing, everything you've tried, all of your treatments. It's enlisting the concierge support of a coach who factors in your mindset, lifestyle, diet and happiness level. 

I'm here to help you see all of the pieces that make up your Big Picture. 

I'm the sleuth who digs into what is going on for you on the micro level. You'll feel a breath of fresh confidence immediately when you commit to serving your highest self.  Being coached by me is a personalized spa with a kick of bootcamp.  

Give yourself the gift of healing today.  Don't keep your best life waiting any longer.  

Everything you're capable of springs from your personal health and well-being. Nothing is more valuable than your own health. Working together, you'll find that true healing can be pleasurable, nourishing, and brilliantly simple.




It's a whole lot of me...

UNLIMITED nourishing, supportive coaching via phone or Skype. Homework after every session. You can schedule your next session as soon as you complete your homework. 




  • If you feel called to reach out to me, just do it! 
  • We'll untangle where you're stuck and if we're a fit, we'll keep going. You'll come away from your 30 minute call with me feeling more grounded, calm and peaceful than you have in forever. I 100% guarantee it. 

If you are ready to find your superpowers and feel SO MUCH BETTER, let’s talk! 

To claim your complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session with me, click here.

 Shannon Conway, Health & Wellness Coach

Shannon Conway, Health & Wellness Coach