Are You Ready?

Do you struggle with habits that are not serving you?

3rd glass of wine, sugar, too much time on Facebook, over-reaction, anxiety, depression, confusing symptoms, or feeling out of control?

Do you feel like you are constantly reacting to things in your life, instead of creating them?

Do you feel like you are simply surviving each day instead of thriving with a balanced and fulfilling life?

It’s time for your transformation. 


‘The moment came when the  risk it took to remain tight in a bud became greater than the risk it took to blossom’
- Anais Nin

HABIT CAMP may be just right for you.
You are more powerful than you think. 


We work with scientifically proven strategies to release and replace unhealthy habits using a combination of boot camp discipline, and nourishing self-love.


6 Weeks: OCtober 11-November 15 2017

  • Changing beliefs and perceptions, creating a new foundation 
  • Transforming fear, shame and other negative emotions - getting out of your own way
  • Looking at the physiology of addiction
  • Breaking the chains of the past: cultivating true freedom
  • Rewiring the brain through meditation 
  • Simple sustainable tools 
  • Self-Empowerment



Is this program for you? Maybe. You're waiting to shine, but are limited by your thoughts and old programming. Full power is right within reach. Transformation isn’t easy; it takes discipline and hard work. With a vision of where you want to go. We will coach you, support you, love you, AND kick your inner booty.

By the end of this program you will be a new person: stronger, happier, more resilient; ready for whatever might come your way. This doesn’t happen if you sit still. We will challenge your status quo. The reward will be an unshakeable connection with your own superpowers. You are so worth it.

  • You'll start out with a 1:1 intention setting call to get clarity on the habit or habits no longer serving you. 
  • Every week we send you a lesson in the form of a workbook, and we'll teach and talk about the lesson in our weekly group calls. ALL calls are recorded so no worries if you cannot make the live calls.  Lessons will include homework, including meditation practice assignments. You will do homework and a meditation practice on your own time. We we will provide you with guided meditations and instructions on how to use them. 
  • We'll create community in our private, supported Facebook group. It's scientifically proven that we must be held to be healed. Here you'll have a safe space to unravel and reweave.
  • During the camp, we are your coaches and guides for every aspect of your journey. We'll support you through your choices and changes into building a new set of practices. We've both walked through the fire; there is nothing you can bring that will raise an eyebrow. We're here to support you in your journey to deepen your connection with empowered joyful living. 
  2. THE EMERGING SCIENCE OF ADDICTION: It's not what you think
  3. MEDITATION: Discover the magic of the present moment
  4. TOOLS: Includes Cultivating Joy, Understanding the Power of Choice, Finding Beauty in the Now, Necessary Toughness.
  6. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER: Creating your personal Toolkit.

  • RESOURCES INCLUDE: Meditations, Awareness Practices, Workbooks, and Videos




I have worked with both Shannon and Justyn separately and cannot speak highly enough of their knowledge and dedication to helping others break free of their habitual chains and find true happiness. Shannon is an experienced coach whose coaching style is thoughtful and personal. She has helped me unwind and identify issues within myself and my parenting that years of therapy could not, while simultaneously cracking open my true path and purpose for me to see.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Justyn on a creative level as well as in her guided meditation. Justyn’s presence alone is one of sheer calm and love. Her meditation practices are led with great care and ease and are transformative in changing ones thought patterns and behaviors.
Both of these women are incredibly gifted in their expertise and have helped me immensely find more of my sense of self, inner peace and direction.
— Malia McCabe
Practicing meditation with Justyn has opened a window of awareness that brings in fresh air and light. I’m better able to notice old patterns of thoughts and emotions that aren’t productive or peaceful. This noticing allows me to choose...to let go and shift to something new. I’ve just begun this work, but I know it’s a path of greater freedom, empowerment, joy, and new possibilities.
— Beth Jacobi
The program has been a success! I stayed away from sugar for 5 weeks and then had a chocolate and some soda and I didn’t feel my normal, “Wow! More will be better.” It was just fine. That is a huge change for me. I’ve also stopped biting my nails and had to cut them yesterday for the first time in years. Our phone call was so empowering and fun. just want you to know how much I appreciate you, your honesty, your teaching style, and your content.
After my misstep last week, I found this content very comforting and helpful. I really used to beat myself up (still do but not as long) and sabotage everything when I did something I intended not to do - like drink too much. I’d get so depressed ... I’d stop working out, I’d drink more ... oy!! I’ve gotten better at realizing I don’t have to do that and the desire to is a passing feeling. The cycles are shorter. I love the idea of focusing on doing the three healthy things - it wraps a nice goal around not going back to the undesired behavior!
With my history of skin cancer Justyn invited me to her meditation group. I’d never practiced meditation in the past; yet now meditate daily. I’ve discovered through meditation a sense of calm, acceptance, and connectedness. The practice of meditation has shifted my initial response of anxiety and fear to a place of being present and more relaxed when dealing with challenges. Every day feels more expansive rather than the feeling of constriction that accompanies stress. Thank you.
— Terry Gloeckler
After completing the mammograms I was asked to wait in the examination room. I sat there feeling my anxiety grow. I replaced fearful imaginings with affirmations of my body’s perfect health from head to toe. It’s good to remember that most of the time my fears are unrealized. I’m not saying that sometimes bad things don’t happen because they do. I’m just choosing to not let them take over. I’m so grateful for the tools I’ve been given to master my mind. I have believed for a long time that when you change your mind you change your life. Justyn’s meditations are helping me get a little bit closer to making that a reality.
— Katy Yoder

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