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Shannon Conway

'I've known many habits, good and bad.'

 Shannon Conway

Shannon Conway has known some habits! The most fun to talk about are sugar, alcohol, and codependent relationships. They’ve all been her BFFs and her demons; helping her through dark nights of the soul and contributing to many a bleary morning. Having wrestled these habits into submission to free up her soul for bigger living, these days she is a certified, sought after coach who teaches people how to tune into their own super powers. She is here to help you realize that you already have the wisdom of your own healing and transformation, you simply need help clearing the dust so you can see and feel it. Her nourishing, direct, and funny approach has helped many people focus, get clarity and move ahead with self directed purpose.  

She's working on a book on funny texts, always spends way too much time on research, and loves to geek out about yoga.  


Justyn Livingston

'Former monkeymind heavyweight champion'

 Justyn Livingston - Brave Souls Project

Justyn Livingston, of BRAVE SOULS PROJECT, is a transformational meditation coach who helps you find your innate healing wisdom—tapping into the power to transform your mental, emotional and physical well-being. Her own experience of cancer diagnosis made her face her own self-imposed limitations. Justyn's students love her up-beat, heart centered, compassionate—yet persistent approach to these neuroscience based teachings. She helps move them beyond our primal negative bias, and into possibility and new patterns. The people she works with understand these life-skills will ultimately change their brains, change their bodies, and change their lives. 

When she is not meditating and teaching, she can be found making a luscious, organic meal,  painting large abstract panels, or back country skiing. 

With Justyn’s guidance, you will open your mind and heart to change your life.