What you want is to be fully empowered, peaceful, productive, healthy and whole. Why then do you keep sabotaging yourself by falling into the same patterns, habits, relationships and work situations? 

The answer is deep within. Within YOU. You are operating from old programming based on trauma, childhood experiences, or cultural standards that have existed in your family, unconsciously, for generations.

You are programmed to struggle, be anxious, get stuck, and not succeed beyond your peers or family members. And you can try to get ahead, but your own programming is going to pull you back into line repeatedly until you learn to break free of it. 

Upgrade your operating system.

You want to play FULL OUT, and to get there you need to release old habits and programs and build new ones. You need to feel healthy, whole and strong in body, mind, and spirit.  Grounded, empowered and up to any challenge. 

Write a new blueprint and get out of the emotional and physical shackles that are keeping you stuck, or preventing you from expanding into what you KNOW can be your own fullness. If you are feeling crippled by anxiety, hidden blocks, or autoimmune issues which are interfering with you even enjoying Tuesday, I've got you! My special power is finding your stuckness, untangling it and helping you build a new toolkit. 

Three months of weekly coaching sessions plus unlimited email support will untangle anything and fuel you for optimal, happy, carbonated happiness in life and work.


Coaching is personal training for your LIFE. Nourishing, divine and alchemical. Your life is about to transform. 

  • Find and clear your deepest blocks, including generational trauma, archival issues, hidden wounds
  • Cultivate skills to reframe and transform ANY relationship challenge
  • Heal your mind and body into absolute wellness
  • Uncover and build on your personal superpowers 
  • Create the life that YOU want, on YOUR terms
  • Build a framework of empowered ease, freedom, creativity, and happiness