Train with Shannon! 
Here's what students have to say: 

I love the richness of the training! 

Working closely one-on-one with Shannon gave me the feeling of confidence in my process. I felt supported and encouraged during EVERY session: I left the classes feeling Joy (also relief at times, if there were fears about my progress) and always like Shannon genuinely believed in my process and progress as a developing coach.  

I felt genuinely that Shannon loved doing the coaching.  It felt to me like she was having just as much fun as I was having.  The sessions and the training seemed to fly by very fast! 

I absolutely feel prepared to work in the coaching industry. I feel elegantly, beautifully and happily prepared to be a coach as a result of Shannon’s coach training. 

Work with Shannon One on One!

What her clients have to say:

Shannon is absolutely brilliant at the art of listening intently, hearing me fully and taking that all a step further by hearing what I haven’t said. I leave sessions feeling energized, enthusiastic and empowered.
— Dina

Working with Shannon never felt like work. Openness, humility, grace, humor, laughter combined with savvy prevailed. I learned so much from her. She is a class act — thoughtful and eloquent in her communication. She lives in the solution. She is of the mindset of people first which I believe is a crucial foundational approach to success both personally and professionally.
— Andrea

Shannon reminds me to “put myself on the list,” to react rationally rather than emotionally and to keep my eye on the big picture rather than the little eruptions that can be so rattling. She is never shocked at my myriad dilemmas and reminds me that while things may seem insurmountable, once we start to break them down, problems can always be solved.

Probably the thing I’ve valued most is the importance of tempering my reactions to downturns in my life. My knee jerk reactions, so common in the past, are in the rearview mirror of my life.
— Catherine

Shannon’s approach is kind, non-judging and uplifting. I come away from my time with Shannon with a greater sense of calm and confidence that what is right for me is being revealed and that I am moving in the direction creating my best life. Shannon is skilled at the art of questioning. She brings to the surface things that I might already know on a subconscious level or even a physical level but that I have been unable to access on my own. She guides me to tap into my own wisdom and inner-compass.
— Judy

I downloaded all of the lessons, and they are accompanying me on a road trip.I will have time to read, digest and process all of what I believe Belly Mind could and will do for me. You are really in a good place and you should be so content with this.
— Jodi

Shannon - the layers upon layers of wisdom contained in this email are mind blowing and brilliant. I have read it twice and will sit with for a while and then, I will read it 2 more times, and then 2 more, and so on . . .

Shannon has been a trusted business advisor for over two years, and I and my company could not have made it to this point without her advice and support. Shannon’s approach is not just to support and coach on the business issues, but to take all of my goals in life into account in order to help me make the best decisions and adopt the best approaches for the company.

Shannon is an exceptional listener, both for what I do say and what I don’t say, and has a brilliant ability to help me frame and contextualize challenges and opportunities so I can see the whole picture - not just what is on fire at that moment.

My my own decision-making and communication skills have markedly improved, making my working days more efficient — and my work-life boundaries are much clearer, making my free time more rewarding.