Personal Clearing


Personal Clearing


It's more than an upgrade. Transform your life. This journey calls for courage, and a readiness to release deep, ancient, resistance.

Easy? No. Worth it? Absolutely.

One year.

We must be held to be healed, and with my guidance and support you'll be witnessed, understood, taught, and empowered beyond anything you've achieved in your lifetime. This is a shamanic, alchemical process. You may feel it already, reading this page. You will not recognize yourself, or your life after this amazing journey.

  • Release ancient, generational trauma

  • Heal into absolute wellness

  • Build new, empowering practices into a steady flow your life.

  • Grow a life that takes you to, and beyond, your own wildest dreams

  • Release the drain of troubled relationships, making space for nourishing, empowering soul ties

  • Uncover your personal kryptonite and make it a superpower

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