Elation--Build Yourself a Toolkit


Elation--Build Yourself a Toolkit


Lighten up! In a stormy world, it’s essential to have a toolkit you can turn to to shift your energy and illuminate your gorgeous self.

Meditation and yoga are wonderful practices, but when you’re stuck in density they can feel like trying to put a band aid on a broken leg. It’s deflating to try to sit for meditation and come out of it pissed off, or be drowning in tears after a yoga class. You can learn to layer tools + practices the same way you layer clothes, working toward the same result—feeling comfortable, peaceful and happy in your skin.

A little training and you’ll confidently reframe into grounded energy faster than you’d imagine.


  • 3 week program

  • We’ll learn 18 tools and practices you can mix and match to create a toolkit

  • Time and crisis tested, these tools REALLY work to break up the layers and even release stored trauma permanently from your consciousness.

  • You’ll have the opportunity to practice and to share your experiences with the group.

  • I’ll be in the group each day providing insightful feedback you can use to curate and create your own personal toolkit!

  • You will graduate this class feeling confident, lighter, and stronger.

We’ll be working together in a private Facebook Group. It’ll be a juicy mix of Live trainings, fun homework assignments, Q&A opportunities and nourishing surprises.

Give yourself the gift of a lighter heart and strengthened emotional resilience!

The world needs people who have come alive. ~Howard Thurman.

Let’s do this!

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