Let's uncover your superpowers and get you into a cape. But first, healing.  

By the time you step into full-on adulting you've cultivated big dreams and wonderful ambitions. And physiological and emotional stressors that are ALSO big.

You want to play FULL OUT, and to get there you need to feel healthy, whole and strong.  Grounded, empowered and up to any challenge. 

This package is for you if you are a first time coaching client looking for a coach who can hold and help you with everything, or anything.

If you want to write a blueprint for your dream job and map your way there, let's do this. If you are feeling crippled by anxiety, hidden blocks, or autoimmune issues which are interfering with you even enjoying Tuesday, I've got you! 

Three months of weekly coaching sessions plus unlimited email support will untangle anything and fuel you for optimal, happy, carbonated happiness in life and work.

 Right now, there is no greater gift you can give yourself than coaching. Coaching will enable you to set the foundation for everything else, and powerfully step into it. You will: 

  • Find and clear your deepest blocks
  • Cultivate skills to reframe and transform ANY relationship challenge
  • Heal your mind and body into absolute wellness
  • Uncover and build on your personal superpowers 
  • Create the life that YOU want, on YOUR terms
  • Build a framework of ease, freedom, creativity and happiness

Eligibility: First time clients aged 21-28 only.  

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