Your Magic Heals - Coach Training with Shannon Conway
 Shannon Conway, Certified Martha Beck Coach

Do you want a career in coaching? 

Coaching is an industry that allows you to design your own income, and work from anywhere with anyone. 

Picture this: 

  • Waking up at whatever time you choose. Morning. Afternoon. Thursday. It’s up to you. 
  • Commuting to your couch or kitchen table for work instead of a 45-minute drive to the office (60+ if it’s raining)
  • Being 100% in charge of what you get paid and when
  • Having clients you love so much you want to reach through your laptop and squeeze them
  • Making a serious difference in people’s lives

It isn’t a dream. It’s coaching. 

If you: 

  • Want to work for yourself or earn money on the side of your normal gig  
  • Love impacting the lives of others and having a real mission 
  • Want the freedom to work from your laptop, the coffee shop, Asia…
  • Basically coach your friends and family for free all the time anyway 
  • Want to have a career that gives you the platform to speak on stage, write books, create products (or not, it’s totally up to you) 

Then this hands-on training will give you the skills you need to go from hobbyist to paid professional coach with actual clients and a freedom-based business of your own. Hallelujah. Can I get an “amen”?  

You’re 3 months away from having it all. 

By the time you finish Your Magic Heals 90 days from enrollment, you will have your own specialized coaching program built to bring in paying clients who have been waiting for what you teach. 

I just sold my first package! I just did my free 15 min get to know you session, and sold a 6 session package! Soooooo AWESOME!!!



Real coaching is transformative. It’s fearless, power-packed personal training for your life. And it is not for sissies. 

Coaching is a practice, like yoga or getting through Thanksgiving dinner with your family. 

If you’ve been coached, you already know the impact. And if not, you’re in for a treat. 

The more you practice the craft of coaching, the better coach you will become. 

  • A better healer
  • A better guide
  • A better observer 
  • A better transformer 

Your Magic Heals shows you how to be the best coach you can be, with clients who love you and a business that does more than pay the bills. It transforms lives. 



If you are hearing the call, your people are waiting for you! This nourishing, fun and practical course is exactly what you need to start creating your booked-out coaching business. 

All new for 2018, this course was designed with YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS in mind. 

This is how Your Magic Heals helps you: 

  • It breaks through the barriers you face in becoming a coach.
  • It shows you how to tackle any fears about whether or not you can do this work (you can)
  • It teaches you how to get started with the business side of things, like getting clients and packaging your service.
  • It shows you how to add your own special sauce to your coaching practice—the inner wisdom and message that only you have within you that helps your clients connect with THEIR deepest magic

This is how Your Magic Heals helps others: 

  • The lessons you pass on from this program will help your clients discover how to tap into their own guidance during and after your sessions. 
  • The skills and knowledge you learn are transferable. When we improve our own lives, we naturally improve the lives of those around us. Your clients will learn from you, and their friends and family will learn from them, and so on. 
I felt genuinely that Shannon loved doing the coaching. It felt to me like she was having just as much fun as I was having. The sessions and the training seemed to fly by very fast!

In 3 months’ time, you’ll be stepping powerfully into your market, selling your first paying products and transforming the lives of your first paying clients.  


Why This Program?

If you yearn to work as a paid coach, this training is exactly what you need. Here's how: 

In 90 days, you’ll learn the essential basics including:

  • Foundational coaching tools
  • How to find your teachers and their key lessons
  • How to make your work a nourishing self development path 
  • How to find and release your own blind spots and resistance
  • How to create, launch and market a product 

You'll receive the essential toolkit to starting a coaching business like:

  • The tools every coach needs in their practice (and how to make the most out of them)
  • How to use your established practice of thoughtfully caring about people as your genius business tool
  • The ways to create deeply devoted customers right out of the gate
  • How being exactly yourself helps you create your most profitable, pleasurable business. 

You'll leave this three-month experience with the confidence and preparedness you need to take the next steps on your journey as a coach.

 Plus, you'll be marketing and selling products while you continue to grow. 

Coaching is both an art and a practice. Learn both in this special training. 

The program exceeded my personal objectives for life coach training!


The Details of What You Get

This 90-day coaching package includes:

  • A 90-day  program built to your schedule. Participate from anywhere, on any schedule.
  • A personalized membership area with training materials, tools, and many extras.
  • Weekly live lectures delivered via ZOOM with all sessions recorded and stored as MP3s for convenient, easy downloading. 
  • Weekly office hours with me to troubleshoot any issue — I'm your coach during the training! If the Office Hours don't work for your time zone, we'll find another time for you.
  • Unlimited email support from me during the training.
  • 2 personalized Coaching Sessions to work on any issue that is coming up in the training (or your life). 
  • Curated Book List— reflects the finest and most current titles in coaching. All are available for Kindle or in paperback.
  • Trainings with guest lecturers on select topics such as the Technical Toolkit, How to Get Paid, Bookkeeping, Social Media Marketing and more. 
  • Priority access to my Mastermind program at the completion of your training.
LOVED how present Shannon was at every session. I always felt that she was completely 100% available to the work. This was also a good lesson for me in how I want to be with my clients.


The universe doesn't scream, it whispers. Tune in today—right now—to that small voice in your ear that says, "I am called." If you hear it, you’ll know.  

It doesn’t matter how many people join this industry. They are not talking to your people. Your people are waiting for YOU. 

More than ever, the world needs more healers, and you’re here right now because you ARE one. You have a story to tell. You have suffered, grown, learned, and can now empower and guide others. 

Transform your calling into a practice—a paid, global business practice. You can do this, and the time to do it is right now. 

I feel elegantly, beautifully and happily prepared to be a coach as a result of Shannon’s coach training.


 Shannon Conway

Shannon Conway